Out running. Fantastic day. The sky is blue. The morning breeze is slightly touching my face. The moon is shining freakishly bright. The music is blasting in my head phones … And thats when my phone chooses to take the morning of by stubbornly telling me that it has no more power, when I know for a fact that there is at least about a half to an hours worth of power #thattimeofyear #myphonedoesntlikeacoldbreeze #myphone=anoldladywithitsownmind,  #nothinglikeastubbornphonethatcantakeawaythepleasureofamorningrun, #nothingthatcantbefixedwithloveandheat

I came home from a long day and as a treat I had bought myself one of those freezer pizzas. I had put it in the oven. Watched some series while waiting. Excited about my luck! I love paper pizzas! Anyways, after a while it was finished and as I opened the oven, and tried to sneak out the pizza.. plash… Half on the floor, half on the cutting board! #maaan #isitembarrasingtoadmitIateitanyway?


Før jeg skiftede glutenholdige varer og mælkeprodukterne ud var den et hit. Lækker, blød og smushi. En af de nemmeste kager at kaste sammen og blandt andet derfor også min yndlings. Efter er den stadig et hit. Den er ikke ligefrem sund og kan laves både som bradepande eller muffins der kan fryses ned til den dag hvor man skal til en fest der ikke lige har taget hensyn eller ikke kunne overskue det glutenfrie og mælkefrie køkken – hvilket er HELT OK! 🙂

Jeg har omdannet en opskrift jeg har fundet på dk-kogebogen.dk, som kan findes her.

2 æg
180 gr sukker
150 gr mel (jeg tager halvdelen som kokosfibermel (det smager skiiiiide godt!) og den anden halvdel som et hvilket som helst alternativ, evt mandelmel, boghvedemel eller andet glutenfrit alternativ.)
2 tsk bagepulver.
1 tsk vanillesukker.
1 tsk kanel.
2 spsk peanutbutter.
250 gr Æbler.
evt 3 tsk citronsaft.

Pisk æg og sukker sammen til en luftig masse. Vend peanutbutter, mel, bagepulver, kanel og vanillesukker i massen. Dejen hældes i en bradepande, springform eller muffinforme. Skræl æblerne, skær dem i tynde både og læg dem i dejen. Sørg for at de kommer HELT NED i bunden af muffinformene eller den form du har valgt. Der må gerne være masser af æble i, men smag og behag. Drys kanel og derefter sukker over kagen og bag dem i 20-30 min ved 200 grader i en almindelig ovn. Tjek lige om de skal have lidt mere i ovnen før de spises.

Resultat er lækre peanutbutter, kokos, smushi kage. Lækkert!


… you are dealing with a child in a grown-up-body costume (read me!) when…

… such person might seem smart and throw around big words using them correctly and all, but a few minutes after will be on Facebook writing a dear friend: “Huuuuh, used the word discrepancy twice today – aaaand correctly” and then be giggling for a while like a 1st grader hearing someone say the word sex for the first time!

…when you realise that playing Township is a big deal. I mean if anyone could go pro… And the fact that this person gladly would spend every break of the day making sure that his or her team wins the regatta!

…you notice the fact that this person owns all the original episodes of the Winnie the Pooh series and that he or she has hidden every episode that has not been released on DVD on his or her YouTube account – just in case he or she is in that mood. If you ever where to ask, he or she will make a great effort in arguing that it has to do with childhood memories when in fact the truth is, this person still loves seeing them and will still laugh out loud because he or she finds Winnie the Pooh and all the characters in it hilarious!


Denne organske, plantebaserede restaurant er et af de få steder hvor jeg føler mig helt normal. Restauranten er på den dyre side (hvilket alle restauranter er, når man bevæger sig ind på allergene-området, ville jeg mene). Men deres forskellige muligheder både til frokosten og aftensmaden er fantastiske. Deres sandwiches eminente og deres “taste of cheese” er virkelig lækker.



A while ago I got this stew or beef caserole, or whatever you would call it. Since, it has been one of my favourite dishes of all time! Today, I will present to you my version of the same dish. Easy to make. Gluten and Milkfree. Perfect for the everyday dinner or party! And, you will become the favourite cook among the gentlemens. Psst… Btw, definitely NOT vegan or vegetarian.



A new radio-program on my favourite radio-station made me wonder whether or not it is really that bad to have created an “us” as opposed to everyone else? When is it actually problematic to have created an in-group, an “us”? The host often argued against refugees and had a rather narrow minded and sceptical view on people who are of another descent than “pure danish” – people who have mixed their original descent with the Danish culture.

I have always argued against the creation of in-groups, cliques or groups like this. I find that they tend to try to set a standard for the rest to follow, which demeans other people who does not necessarily follow the rules of such a group – back to the school milieu, so to speak. But, the thing is, that we cannot avoid creating an “us”. To be Danish is different from being Swedish or Norwegian. We create societies bound together by culture, language, politics, religion and so forth.  No matter how we look at it, the way we collect and unify the different aspects of our society will stand in opposition to other societies and how they have bound the different aspects together.

Once, I was at a wedding, which to me have become the perfect example of this fact. While the groom was of Danish descent, the bride was Muslim. It was a wedding with different cultural elements, where the guests at some aspects did not know what was going on and regarding other aspects were a part of the “club” that knew! These two people getting married, was creating an “us”.

To me, the difference is whether a society compares itself with another in a demeaning way. Thus, creating an “us” as opposed to “them”. The fact that we have different cultures, comes from different societies, does not mean that we cannot behave and be polite towards one another. It does not mean that we in Denmark cannot help the refugees that flows into the country. It does not mean that we cannot help those people who suffer from war, by help recreating and reconquer their, “us”. In the end, everyone deserves to be a part of an “us”.

The problem with this constellation is when “us” and “them” becomes “us” versus “them”. When different groups compares, there may in some situations be created an unhealthy environment where one group presents itself as superior compared to the other.

Being a fellow citizen is not just about being apart of a group, but accepting the differences between the different groups living in and outside one’s society. Being a part of one group is not the problem – we all are apart of specific groups, whether we like it or not. The problem is when one group finds themselves superior towards another group.


I kind of had my debut as the voice of several vegetables. I always wanted to be the one who made the voices for cartoons! My friend needed help with a video she had an idea for, and I am always ALWAYS up for fun! #thescaryvoiceofvegetables, #Imgonnabefamous #hahaha.

My first two weeks of being in what we in Denmark call Virksomhedspraktik. It is when you are unemployed, you can spend 4 weeks at a workplace either to network, maybe the chance of getting a job or just get experience. After 3 months of unemployment it is amazing actually having something to do during the day! But man I’ve been tired when I came home! #sleepandnoplay, #runninghavenotbeenontheschedule, #manIneedajob.

Being a secret victim of listening to my neighbours having sex have really become seriously annoying! #anyideasastomakethemlessnoisy? #shescreams #iamthatannoyingneighbour.

While having a pleasent evening seeing one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen from the inside (they only open the doors once a year), my brother and my sister decided that was the day for them to display their impatience and not take a hint. #Idohavealifebesidesansweringmysiblingstextsandphonecalls, #whensomeonedoesntansweryourtextitmeanstheyarebusy, #lovethembuttheywerentpopularlastnight.


SPOILER ALERT! I am probably, without knowing it going to reveal some pretty essential stuff on the Big Bang Theory, because that’s what I usually do. So, if you don’t want to know, don’t read along.

The Big Bang Theory is a personal favourite. The first couple of seasons made me laugh in extreme measures. A roomie of mine found me in my room laughing in the middle of the night … alone …

I love Sheldon’s complete lack of sympathy and empathy, and especially the first episodes of his relationship with Amy; to some extent the female version of Sheldon. I love how the other three brainiacs keeps being friends with intolerable Sheldon and Leonard’s hopeless and sometimes desperate crush on the girl next door.

The last couple of seasons have not reached the prime and magic of the first 5 seasons had, though. Marriage and so forth have made them all a bit dull and boring – or more specifically; normal. I find the Sheldon and the Amy transformation a bit boring. And the relationship between Leonard and unreachable Penny have made me yarn more than a couple of times. They all have at some point settled, which in one way is sweat and nice but when it comes to the entertaining part I am kinda bored.

Despite this, I still watch the show. Despite the boring twists, the show have become a part of life for me. Who doesn’t want to know what the future holds for all of them. All in all, it is a show one falls in love with and keeps watching to the very end – even though the hard, from the heart laughter rarely emerges these days.


Sidste uge var ugen, jeg gik mig i kast med at lave en cheesecake – en kage jeg har drømt om at lave, så jeg også kunne spise den, siden jeg så alle andre nyde én ikke så glutenfri og mælkefri version til min søsters fødselsdag i begyndelsen af denne måned. I starten var jeg meget i tvivl om, hvorvidt det overhovedet ville kunne lykkes, men prøves skulle det og resultatet blev lettere vellykket, hvis jeg selv skal sige det.

Kagen jeg her præsenterer for jer skal ikke i ovnen, blot stå nogle timer på køl. Derfor anbefaler jeg at lave den med pasteroiseret æg (Jeg kan ikke stave til det ord!!! Helt seriøst mand!). Blot for at være sikker.


150 g. glutenfrie grovkiks (Semper har nogle glutenfrie Digestive kiks. 🙂 ).
100 g. smeltet Becel.

Begynd med at knus grovkiksene til mel-lignende tilstand. Derefter tilsæt det smeltede Becel og bland det sammen så det ligner en dej. Fordel bunden i en springform af 18 cm i diameter. Bunden kan blive lidt tynd, så kan man med fordel bruge 50 g mere af både grovkiks og Becel.

Bunden sættes til side enten i køkkenet eller i køleskabet.

4 husblas.
200 g. mælkefri flødeost-erstatning (kan købes i MENY, jeg brugte selv den der hedder”Jeezy”).
2 dl Alpro Cremefraiche (jeg brugte den der har en smag af mandler).
1 tsk vanilje sukker
1 tsk fintrevet citronskal
1 spsk citronsaft
2 æggeblommer
2 æggehvider
50 g flormelis

Begynd med at lægge husblasen i blød i koldt vand. Imens det står i vand, puttes erstatningsflødeosten i en skål med cremefraiche-erstatningen, æggeblommerne, vaniljesukkeret, citronsaften og citronskallen. Bland det sammen til en flydende “oste”-creme-masse. Derefter piskes hviderne stive og derefter tilføjes flormelisen. Vend æggehvide-massen i “oste”-massen. Tag husblassen op af vandet. Vrid dem ikke, men lad vandet sidde i – det gør ikke noget at der kommer lidt vand ved. Gør husblassen flydende over et vandbad og bland husblassen i massen.

Læg cremen ovenpå kagebunden i springformen og sæt kagen i køleskabet. Det kan godt tage noget tid, så kagen skal ikke laves i sidste øjeblik. Når cremen har sat sig, er kagen klar til at spise. Den kan pyntes med bær og andet godt! 🙂

PS: Den kan desværre ikke rigtig fryses. Har prøvet og selvom den stadig kunne spises, var det ikke fordi konsistensen var den samme. Så, been there, done that, not again. 😉



Only in Danish. 

Jeg indrømmer ikke at være en habil dater, men min nysgerrighed løb mig over ende og jeg oprettede en profil et sted i internetverdenen. Jeg havde et hav af fordomme, men har da også hørt om succeshistorier fra selvsamme medie. Min veninde var endda så god at opmuntre mig til at gøre det og være stolt over det, da hun understregede, at nu om dage var det en af de mest populære veje frem.

Forstå mig ret, jeg er faktisk ufattelig glad for at være single og nyder det i fulde drag. Jeg nyder ikke at skulle stå til ansvar for nogen. Specielt det bare at kunne tage ud og rejse, uden at skulle sådan for alvor vende det med gutten der hjemme. Når det så er sagt, er jeg alligevel lidt nysgerrig efter hvad det der dating er og derfor er jeg hoppet ud i dette grænseoverskridende eventyr, som nok kommer til at udfordre mine trygge rammer for social adfærd.