It’s not that I didn’t have the opportunities to celebrate this day, today with friends. But I honestly had something else in mind, and after getting over the fear for my social life realising I kind of had to do it alone, it grew on me and I started to look forward to it.

New Years parties have never ever been my thing. Actually big parties with a bunch of people I don’t really know have never really been something I enjoyed. On that point I have accepted my introverted tendencies, and learned to accept that I am not like “the cool kids” who seemed to become friends with new people every weekend. Give me a small intimate gathering any day and I will be happy and content. I don’t need the big bang party and those who know me, knows that I don’t need a lot of people surrounding me to have fun and act crazy. Actually, the guarantee for me acting out depends on how many people I am surrounded by and how much I trust them. The less, the crazier.

All I want to do tonight is just to watch the craziness of the fireworks fired off midnight on the square in front of Copenhagen City Hall. So, I have in some ways actually cancelled new years this year. I do have plans to make a delicious dinner. I am meeting up with some people to see the guard change New Years eve before the Queens speech tonight. But that’s it. And after biking home from the centre of Copenhagen after midnight I plan to watch those concerts going on around midnight and prepare for my New Years goals and the fact that I very soon turn 30. An age I have found to be more life-changing than I initially thought it would be. Life changing in the sense that I feel old and that created a smaller life-crisis in me. I guess, I need the quiet and calm before the storm of my 30s and the consequences of the choices I have made throughout life becomes real to me. Because the choices I have made had me end right here, where I am today. I guess the storm that has been going on inside of me and the sudden insecurity of turning adult have made it so, that I need this. No expectations. No nothing. Just hygge.

Honestly, I’d much rather meet up and hang out with my friends without the expectations of how things are supposed to be. In the end, I guess I always found the expectations destroying the “hygge” – because the party is always greener on the other side, as one might say.

Thus, I have cancelled New Years eve cellebrations, and I am looking forward to this like a little child that impatiently are waiting for Christmas.

I hope you all will have a perfect New Years.


It seems, I am confronted with the end of life quite a lot at the moment. After the experience of my father’s passing, death has become so much more real to me. It is a part of my life now. Not just in the pain of loosing my father. Actually, I think I might have written about him more than once on this blog. Recently in, “When Family Becomes So Much More Than Blood”.

I see death much more after experiencing the pain myself. It always makes me think, how I don’t believe God created us as human beings meant to live only this one life. I believe fully that God created us for eternity, and the inconvenience and the uncomfortable feeling it gives me. Death and the feelings surrounding it always makes me confirm this very statement in my own worldview. It always makes me think about how I don’t envy those that do not believe in an afterlife and in God. This might seem weird to you, but it is the reality for me.

A recent visit to my Grandparents in Jutland, Denmark, made me think about it again. That ambivalente feeling of hoping for the best for them. Hoping and praying for healing. Confirming that I believe I am to see them again when death do catch up on them. To some such a conversation seems morbid. Life should be enjoyed now, we should think about death the moment it comes – if possible not at all. But for me, when I see life running out in the eyes of the people I love, I need to talk about it. I need to pray about the feeling of wanting to hold on to everyone around me. The feeling of slowly being left alone in this big world. The feeling of wanting to put my fingers in my ears, close my eyes, and hum loudly to myself, in order to avoid the scene in front of me, because it is just too painfull. In this case, I cannot avoid the fact that time is running fast. And for some, time is running out. Not just for all the celebrities that in 2016 lost their lives. Or for all the poor people in the world that is loosing their lives because of conflicts, war, and terror. Also for common people I know and love. For once I cannot solve and go through this feeling I have in my gut without confronting it. Accepting it. That prayer I pray in the dark of night when I wake up suddenly. “Please God, watch over the people I love! Oh, and by the way, please watch over my teeth as well” (The last bid may seem a bit odd, but that is actually what I pray when I wake up suddenly at night. For the Grandparents and my very expensive teeth-implants… Not that these two things are in any way comparable, but I honestly do not want to go through surgery again).

I think death is something we need to face. I think it is something we need to talk about. And I believe that, saying “I love you” to each other should be said and acted upon sooner rather than later. Because one day it is too late. One day time has run out, and you might stand back forever thinking, “I hope he/she knew I loved him/her”.


In a little place on Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen is an all vegan and vegetarian restaurant that happens to be glutenfree as well. It is so little you might not notice when racing by on your bike. The place is driven by a passionated owner, presenting every delivered meal. On the menu there is not that many possibilities, but the few dishes there is, is perfectly made. Delicious. And if you like me avoid gluten or milk, it is not the place where you have to think twice about what to choose. I have still the pleasure to try gourmet food, but this is honestly what I imagined it would be like. And despite the place being vegan I did not miss meat at any point of the evening. I actually quite enjoyed being able to eat anything of the menu! Despite this being evident as it is a vegan place – I asked about the milk and gluten to be sure.

All in all, everything was a good experience and the dishes did look like a piece of art in themselves, but the waiting was quite long. It is not the place to go if you are hangry or on your way there. Actually that would be a shame for the food served as well as for you. The food is not something you just swallow down. It is to be enjoyed together with a good friend or on a date. I would not mind if a date took me here. Another perspective is, that it is a quite expensive place. One main dish cost above 150 kr alone. But this does not hinder me from returning. This place is somewhere you go to treat yourself and a friend. Not in order to have a regular dinner.

So, if you want to pamper your partner, this is the place to go! Ask the waiter/owner about the menu or wine and he will know everything! I mean it: He knows everything!

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2017 is going to be the beginning of something I’ve been eager to try out. But in need of the final push and stop all the bad excuses, I am making a commitment to you, dear reader. But in order for you to understand or at least make an attempt to understand, I guess I need to explain further. Because, I know when you realise what I’m about to do, you might shake your head in disbelieve and find me weird.

I am a Christian. Not the cultural kind where you go to church during Christmas, maybe also easter and when someone’s kids are being baptised or reconfirming their faith. I go to church all the sundays I can. I listen to Timothy Keller’s preaching’s, read in my bible and other books of christian context. I fill my life with Christian values, because they make sense to me. And the ones that does not make sense in my teen years I have come to realise the true meaning behind them as I grew older and got more life-experience.

I’ve always liked the notion that you give some of your money away to a good cause. But the bible often talks about giving tithes. Now, that I’ve found rather radical before meeting a priest that gave me a challenge. I don’t even think he knows that he did so, but I became so fascinated by his position regarding paying tithes, that I decided to do it. His view on it was that when saying one is a believer in Christ it is a part of it to pay and support the church one connects to. It makes sense to me, that I need to give and support the church that has given so much to me.

So on to the “rules”! In all of 2017 I am going to pay 10 percent of my income before taxes to my church and other good causes. I am unemployed at the moment and therefore, I have made the rule that, until I find my job paying tithe to me means paying the different organisations I support (I support the Danish Hospital Clowns, Israels Missionens Unge and from february also Mellemfolkelig Samvirke). If I is to find a job, I will tithe only to my church and the other good causes I support, I will pay above my tithes. I’ve always thought that giving tithe was something you could consider when you got an “adult job” but truth is, there is never a good time to begin tithing.

During 2017 I will give you a close up and personal insight as to how things are going, what I am thinking and my experience because of this drastic move in my life. It will be a series of blogs that might challenge your view on religion, radical moves and so forth. But also might give you an explanatory insight in the mind of a Christian.

I have to admit that just writing this, challenges my inner greediness. Because what if …. Truth is when I make an overview of my economy, I see that it will be tight and I will have to change some of my moves (buying too much cake and coffee outside of my home and so forth). But it is in theory possible. And now is the time for me to find out if all they say is true (don’t worry I will blog about this). So here goes. 2017, here I come.


A friend and I was catching up on a café in an amazing and beautiful part of Copenhagen. My friend leaned over and shared with me pieces she had heard of a weird conversation the two people next to us had. Something about the man’s wife not “taking one for the team”. We first realised that we were in the middle of a Hollywood Movie, when the woman leaned in and almost dug a hole in his mouth with her tongue… #DramaDrama, #CheatingIsStupid, #NeverEverThoughtIWouldExperienceThat, #OhIHopeTheWifeWillKnowAboutTheMistress, #HopefullyTheWifeWinsThis”Movie”.

Later that same day, my friend and I took a walk near the Canals in Copenhagen. I heard that on Saint Lucy’s day a bunch of people would do a procession in their kayaks. A need to see moment. #TogetherWithEveryoneElseInCopenhagen, #ButKindOfCool, #TheyWereSupposedToSing?

It’s the 23. of December. My brother and I sleep in each our end of the livingroom on thin mattresses. My brother have literally snored the entire night. And 7 am, sharp the house starts shaking and a loud noice starts coming out of the walls. And while I lie wonder if I have done something wrong since karma wanted me to suffer all night, my brother snores in competition with the neighbour’s power drill. #NotFairNotAtAllFair, #ButItsChristmasSoWhatever, #MerryChristmas.


Ok, so I had planned to review the newest season of Gilmore Girls, but as it is Christmas, I thought it was in the holiday spirit to share with you my all-time favourite movies / series that I consider Christmassy and traditional instead. My review of the GG girls will come, and has been on its way for some time, so don’t worry. Stay tuned till in 2 weeks time. Until so far, here is my Top 5 Christmas classics anno 2016.

5. Hollywood-Christmas-Cheesy-Movies: We all know them. The good guys always gets each other in the end and the theme is surrounding the holiday spirit. Sometimes it is the greediness and wanting more that needs to be delt with, other times it is lonelyness – but they always involve someone being rude to the one they initially end up fiercely kissing in the end. The Christmas Hollywood movies. I don’t watch them – but if one of these types of movies do not play in the background when my sister and I are hanging out in this month, something is wrong. I guess there something hollydayish by watching something you don’t have to spend braincells figuring out. But for me it is mostly the company I enjoy.

4. The “Home Alone” franchise: Christmas classic that always is on television in this time of year. Actually, I almost know the franchise of this movie by heart and get so tired of them already after having seen them. But they are traditional around this time of year. Sitting with the family wondering what on earth is going on in this family to have forgotten their child twice. Their learning curve seems steep, but to the great entertainment to us. It is nice, however, that this movie only comes around in december. Then you have an entire year to forget and enjoy during december next year.

3. Rise of the Guardians: If you are a tad slow, it probably haven’t caught you that I looooove cartoons! So, when I saw this last year, it immediately became a Christmas favourite. Every holiday season is represented in a sweet movie, reminding us all that we all have a part to play in life. If you have jet to see this movie, then do yourself a favour and see it. If you are just a little like me, you will love it. I especially love how Santa Clause is this russian fellow, the Easter bunny is an australlian-accent rabbit who do not like to be called a kangaroo and the tooth fairy is a canary-looking woman who have a weird, overly excitement about teeth especially if gum followed it.

2. Winnie The Pooh – Christmas Holiday: I have always been a sucker for the little pooh-bear and his friends. As a kid I found them funny – and I still do as an adult, just for different reasons. It is difficult to explain why. I guess, if you’ve seen the old versions of Winnie the Pooh and still can’t imagine anyone finding them funny, then you will never know why. But after having found the childish joy of spending time with Pooh and his friends, a specific Christmas movie have found its way to my dvd-player quite often. It has it all humour, love, sweat aorh-moments and the childish joy of Christmas.

1. Classic Christmas TV-calenders: This year there is 6 or so TV shows, and with a great ambition to follow at least 4 of them, I admit to have fallen behind on everyone of the series and even abandoned one of them in pure despite. We have a classic called “Pyrus”, a Christmas series about elfs living in a old record office and where weird things happens – usually Pyrus (elf) destroying Christmas unintentionally. On another channel Elf-Gang on Greenland or “Nissebanden på Grønland” are trying to help Santa safe Christmas. (Because in Denmark, Santa does not live on the North Pole – but in Greenland). These two series are a tad old, but classics that I really do enjoy watching. The last two I had intended to follow are a bit new, but one of them are too much like the series “Once Upon A Time” and therefore, it has found the difficulty to connect Christmas and disappearing into a fairytale world a bit difficult. Furthermore, when one compares between “Once Upon a Time” and this new one, I’d much rather see Once Upon a Time and avoid the teen-franchy that seems going on. Annoying!!! The other one is sweat, about how santa clause is coming to a convent and helps out some kids solving the mystery the convent holds. It is sweat and kind of scary sometimes, but I do fall behind because it honestly never really caught me. But Christmas TV-calenders are a must in this time of year, so on the list it shall be.


We are in the last season of the year. Christmas is just around the corner and so is a brand new year! At this time of year, I always wonder. Wonder about how much time has passed. That a whole new year is waiting. Brand new and with new possibilities. I’ve never given much for new year resolutions. Instead I focus on goals, new adventures. I love how the future is unknown and to dream of what it might contain. As important I find it to look back and enjoy the many good things the year of 2016 have given me, as important I find it to enjoy the possibilities of the new year.

2016 brought me my first whole year in Copenhagen. It has been an amazing year in Copenhagen, but not without the feeling of loneliness, self-searching regarding where I am in life and sorrow. 2016 was also the year I finished my Master’s Degree and entered into the world of unemployment. A world I find boring and would very much like to get a job – SOON! I’ve been to Barcelona and London in 2016 and I’ve attended 3 bachelorette parties and weddings (not like the summer I attended 7-9).

2017 is going to bring me to Atlanta, Georgia. I am visiting friends and looking so much forward! It is a trip that is going to bring me into the new year broke, but whatever. What is life without challenges. 2017 is maybe the year me and my siblings are taking our “father-weekend” to Paris. Me and my siblings lost our father 3-4 years ago around january and the weekend closest to his birthday we try to go on a trip and travel. Dad always said he wish he could give us all a bag of money ment for traveling only. So, we honor his memory by traveling – or we make an effort to. And then there is a wedding waiting in the new year. Oh, I am looking forward to that. My good friend is getting married and I will be there!

In 2017 my goals is to: Run a half-marathon. Get a job. Begin to arabic (eeeexpensive). And paying tithe of all income before taxes (this requires and deserves its own entry).

Wish me luck in 2017. Do you have goals and dreams for the new year? Please do not hesitate to share with me! 🙂


Oh, how I love those types of dinners where the ingredients are thrown in a pot and just left alone while stewing and getting creamy. As any of my recipes this is also one of those things I often make a lot of, in order to freeze them down for a rainy day. Also, it is a recipe I kind of use for those times where my fridge needs to be cleared out of vegetables.

500 gr. Chicken breasts.
1 pk of chopped Bacon.
1 can of cocomilk.
vegetables as you will like. I use:
red peber.
Spices: Basil and other like that.

First, cut the chicken into smaller pieces. Let the bacon simmer in the pot until they are almost crisp. Place the chicken in the pot on medium-high heat and let the chicken become white on all sites. Then you put vegetables, spices of your own choice (under all circumstances use salt and peber), and 1 can of coconut-milk into the pot. Let it simmer on low heat in about a half an hour, until the chicken becomes well-done. The dish is amazingly creamy even though cream has not been used.

The dish is served best with rice and are ideal for the freezer. Enjoy.


When a friend and I made the promise not to watch more than the first episode of the new season of Gilmore Girls and watch the rest of the season together, I thought; ‘big deal’. The day after the season had premiered on Netflix the only message my friend got was “SORRY”. #NoooBackbone #TheFourWordPledge #YESIKnowWhatTheFourWordsIs #EvenTheDudePlayingDeanIsTeamJess  #TEAMJESS #GoHomeLogan

Got a free ticket to see a play at a theatre nearby. You of course says yes to such a thing especially if it’s free. In the middle of the play, suddenly someone got sick. The actors stopped the play, and one of the actors quietly asked: “Is there a doctor present?”. A doctor rose and helped the person, which by the way got better afterwards. Drama drama. And on a regular Wednesday evening. #BetterThanAtHomeInFrontOfTheTelly #ILoveFreeThings #ImpulsivityIsKingCouplethingiesGoHome

Oh, how I love Christmas. Christmas calendars on television. Tivoli. Glögg. The food. But oh my. This year there is 5 different Christmas calendars beginning from 4.30 pm on telly. Thus, it is not the present shopping stressing me out. It is actually making it through all 4 I have decided to see….  #ChristmasIsHygge, #ChristmasCalenderStress.

Became a dog-owner for a week when my sisters dog overtook my home and everyday life. I once wanted a dog. Now, I don’t really know. I know that when she’s gone in about a weeks time I’m going to miss having a dog. But now, I just want to be able to slumber without worrying that she’s sleeping in pee and dog-poo #thePerksOfHavingADog, #DogLadyForAWeek #ChihuahuaCuteness #I’mAnnoyingIKnow


Today, I did something I usually don’t do. I wrote someone who had already told me that they did not have a possibility for me in their firm, but would save my email if any future possibility arose. I am always very concerned that everyone else finds me annoying, but when unemployment becomes a drag and all you want to do is something that does not involve watching TV2’s morning program while writing yet another application I am willing to do anything. ANYTHING!

In an article an employer gave the advice that, if you want something to do with this specific company, keep writing to them and keep telling them what you can do and how. I’ve heard about this strategy before, but I did not want to be in the way. That is always how I operate. I do not want to have “sharp elbows” as we say in Danish and muffle my way in the front of the line. I’ve always considered civility a slow, yet steady way forward. But if your dealing with a field and wants to be a part of a work-field where it takes bulldozers to even become considered, it seems that common courtesy and patience is a town in Russia for most. These days, it seems that the only way forward is keep putting oneself out there. Keep making people aware of one’s existence and then someday. Somewhere, there will be someone who can see me as a possibility in their firm. I still believe that keeping one’s civility while all the time making oneself apparent is possible to combine. I just hope my luck will appear soon, because this situation does not suite me. I just want to do something. Make a difference. Make results.