I kind of had my debut as the voice of several vegetables. I always wanted to be the one who made the voices for cartoons! My friend needed help with a video she had an idea for, and I am always ALWAYS up for fun! #thescaryvoiceofvegetables, #Imgonnabefamous #hahaha.

My first two weeks of being in what we in Denmark call Virksomhedspraktik. It is when you are unemployed, you can spend 4 weeks at a workplace either to network, maybe the chance of getting a job or just get experience. After 3 months of unemployment it is amazing actually having something to do during the day! But man I’ve been tired when I came home! #sleepandnoplay, #runninghavenotbeenontheschedule, #manIneedajob.

Being a secret victim of listening to my neighbours having sex have really become seriously annoying! #anyideasastomakethemlessnoisy? #shescreams #iamthatannoyingneighbour.

While having a pleasent evening seeing one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen from the inside (they only open the doors once a year), my brother and my sister decided that was the day for them to display their impatience and not take a hint. #Idohavealifebesidesansweringmysiblingstextsandphonecalls, #whensomeonedoesntansweryourtextitmeanstheyarebusy, #lovethembuttheywerentpopularlastnight.


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