I’ve been trying to find the perfect glutenfree and milkfree recipe for scones. The ones on the picture, I was not satisfied with, but I think it had to do with the sirup I put in instead of sugar. Not a succes. Thus, today I present to you, my until so far best recipe for scones. Yay! They are perfect for the freezer, to take with you for that event where you don’t know whether or not the hosts have considered your specific diet. Or just for a rainy day, with a cup of the or coco and a good scone.

4,5 dl flour (I used 2 dl coco fiber flour and 2,5 dl buckwheat flour)
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp vanilla sugar
A pinch of salt.
80 gr butter (I used Becel, which is plant based butter).
2 eggs
2 dl soyamilk
3 tbsp sugar
Juice from a half lemon
100 gr chocolate.

Mix flour, baking powder, vanilla sugar, sugar and salt together. Add eggs, butter, lemon juice and the soyamilk to the mix and stir. Let it become a soft dough, chop the chocolate into smaller pieces and add that to the mixture. After it has been stirred into the dough. Then you divide the dough into smaller potions on a baking tray and put in a preheated oven (200 degrees). Mine where done after 10-20 minutes. And then you have until so far the best scones! Now, I admit that this recipe will change in the future. Because I have a ton of ideas for how to improve the taste! So stay tuned and remember

“the more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap. Stay safe, eat cake!”.


First published on figmentsofimaginations.blogspot.dk, February 20th 2016 during thesis writing.

“The first four steps, in fact, revolve around getting to know people and building trust: Be helpful, be good neighbors, listen to the concerns of others. The activist’s religious identity is not revealed until step five and only then in a rudimentary fashion that avoids church questions and instead centers on generic religious discussions and values … In a similar fashion some Islamic activists, particularly jihadis, hide their movement identity, until after a personal relationship is developed. ” Quintan Wiktorowicz, Radical Islam Rising, 2005 p. 23.

As I am writing my thesis  I came across this rather detailed description of how religious activists, through a development of personal relation, seeks to proselyte among strangers, in an attempt to gain followers. At first I found it kind of weird; So now I have to worry about the guy who pics up my wallet from the street and runs to me to hand it to me? Or the neighbour that knocks on my door with a piece of pie she made yesterday? Because they might be radicalised and before I know it I might be involved in some extreme activities? First, I came to realise that this method is not exclusively something “Islamic activists” do, everyone does it. Everyone should do it. Not necessarily with a hidden agenda. But, wouldn’t the world be a less lonely place if we were some who came out of our individualistic tendencies? Everyone needs someone to listen to one’s concerns. Relate. Everyone at some point in their lives needs a helping hand. Second, I became a little curious on how many ‘radicalised’ have actually been detected in the Danish society. An article recently revealed that the Danish Immigration Services received 5 notifications of coincidences of possible radicalised people. In 2015 an estimated number of over 21000 people sought asylum in Denmark (exact numbers: https://www.nyidanmark.dk/NR/rdonlyres/E3C50EA0-BD36-4DDD-9C8D7AAF44DE1F12/0/seneste_tal_udlaendingeeomraadet.pdf). Now, 5 coincidences are not a lot. Though, we may take into account that various de-radicalisation programs may have received some notifications as well, the next question is what here is meant by ‘radicalisation’? The usual definition contains a process where someone to a higher degree accepts violence in order to fulfil one’s political / ideological / religious goals. Now, does this person have to exercise violence? Can someone be referred to as radical just in terms of opinions? One’s execution of regular lifestile choices? Would someone choosing to live fully by the bible not also be called radical by the rest of the society if they did not live by this norm? And what exactly is wrong with having a radically different worldview as long as such worldview does not violently affect others? I understand that something needs to be done when it comes to preventing violence from being the choice of expression when someone wants to express themselves, but I find that radical way of living becomes dangerous in itself, without some perspective and without general knowledge about the different worldviews. Hypothetically, I guess the reason why Christianity in some contexts isn’t regarded as ‘dangerous’ in the Danish society, because Danes are aware and know to some extent of the religion and what it entails, naturally everything unknown becomes that dangerous thing out there in the dark. But maybe, instead of accusing someone for being ‘radical’ in its negative connotation, it is time to reach out and become acquainted with the different worldviews. What is the worse that could happen? Maybe you will get a knew friend? Maybe not? Under all circumstances, we are all free to express our opinions. Free to belief in anything we want. As long as that does not cause any harm to others’ rights? So lets all look over the hedge separating our gardens from the neighbours and say hello.

Let’s all be ‘radical’.


…AAaaand if you haven’t guessed, the adult referred to in the line above is … ME!!!! #AndI’mProudOfIt.

After waiting what have felt like decades (truthfully I have waited 6 months), I FINALLY got to borrow a sound-book from my library of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone #YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!! #HarryPotterGeekRightHere #LikeWaitingForTicketsToTheHarryPotterPlay #WhyIsEveryoneListeningToHarryPotterTheseDays?

Took care of my friends kids.  I had planned to make homemade slime as I was planning to pull a “the coolest adult of the year” card! I mean which kid does not like to mess around with “slime” without being yelled at? Well, I guess I was the only one being fascinated and finding myself rather awesome! I am soo outdated when it comes to being the cool adult. #ThoseWereTheDays #ILoveSlime #IdidNOTpullAFlubberThough #THATWouldHaveBeenCool #WeirdMovieReferences=GilmoreGirlsSeasonHaveKickedIn

Uh and apropos Gilmore Girls! WHAAAAT! As I am writing this, there is 3 days until the big reveal of the NEW SEASON!!!! I have hopefully seen whatever Netflix have put online! And as a preparation I am fast forwarding through all 7 seasons. I have seen the seasons a million times, so skipping the scenes I might find embarrassing seems like the perfect compromise in order to actually make it through them all in such short time. #4SeasonsToGo #TeamJESS(NotTheFirstVersionButTheOlderVersion) #SorryDean #NotSoSorryLogan


Have you ever dreamt that you were someone else, somewhere else? I know, I have. I’ve also heard about the man who imagined that he was king so many times that he believed it in the end and went insane. Why am I saying this? Well, this new series Westworld have taken this tendency we have to let our imaginations wonder about imagining our lifestory was different, pepped it up a bit and made a series out of it. What in our minds can be seemed as innocent, the series Westworld are making it dangerous.

Westworld is about a futuristic adventure park in which rich people can indulge themselves in outliving their inner fantasies. But, somethings going on with the programmed people in this world and somethings going on with the boss and inventor of the world. And it seems as if Westworld holds secrets no one knows about just yet. The series are build upon previous attempts of a movie and series, which is reinvented in this new version, toying with the idea of how human beings would act if they had the chance to let go of what social norms and society forced them to be – how they forced them to act. If morals and laws are left in the real world, and you enter this world lawless and without moral codes keeping everything in check. What would happen? How would you act? What is your true identity.

Additionally, the series have an amazing plot, with an amazing cast of people. The “bad-guy” who we still don’t know who is, played by Ed Harris. The unscrupulous, immoral, powerfull inventor of the world, played by Anthony Hopkins (who btw still gives me nightmares as Hannibal Lector) and many other amazing characters and actors actresses.

Personally, I have been quite bored by the series at the moment. With Pretty Little Liars ending, as with Bones. With Criminal Minds changing. It seems as if a good series was needed that made you just want to push play when one episode ended. This show had it for me. I am still incredibly curious about what happens next and it is a miracle I did not see the entire first season last night on HBO. I love the complexity of the show. I love how it just makes me want to see more, experience more. I love the cast. But then again I am a sucker for a good fantasy-story!

This series have left me like: GIVE ME MORE! And hopefully it will leave you like that as well. You can see the show on HBO where the entire first season are available.

PS I cannot be a blogger, with a Danish nationality without raising the Danish flag and mention Sidse Babett Knudsen, who are playing Theresa Cullen in Westworld but are also in Inferno at the moment.


I have literally tried any type of diary-free ice-cream, but none as good as this one. It is one of the Danish Fitness / healthy food-guru’s that made this once in TV, and I just have to share this recipe with anyone who wants to listen! IT IS AMAZING. If you are a Dane – look here. To those of you who don’t understand Danish, I will translate. It is made by Michelle Kristensen and she has a lot of amazing ideas and easy recipes! I loooove this! 3 frozen bananas is put in a blender together with 0,5 dl almond milk, 2 fresh dates (remove stone) and 1 teaspoon peanutbutter. Blend it all and eat!! It is amazing and I simply cannot get enough! The other day I included some frozen berries and it did not destroy the ice-cream. Hopefully you will love this ice-cream as much as me.. and do check out her site! She is amazing!

Another amazing version of an ice-cream is blending frozen fruit with a tad of sucker free sucker and coconut-milk from can. Top it with different things a voila. Another creamy amazing ice-cream – sucker free even (except for the sucker in the fruit).


Previously, when I was down and blue or just needed a word of advice or comfort. No matter the time of the day, I could always call my dad. He would always pick up the phone. And the few times he didn’t I respected that. We would discuss life, argue about different episodes I needed a second opinion on, philosophise about the next step I should take in a given situation. He was my mentor in life. Despite the fact that I did not always agree, I highly appreciated his opinion. I knew I could always find comfort and help with him. No matter the circumstance. No matter the place in the world. He would be there for me and my siblings. He would drive to the far ends of Denmark if that’s what we needed. That is how I grew up. That is my legacy.

Soon it will be  4 years since he died on a trip to Egypt with my brother. And in these four years I have struggled to find a foundation on which to stand. It felt like parts of it was crumpling away and I suddenly only had half of what I used to believe in. In these 4 years my mother has stepped in and helped us all in the best way she could. But it doesn’t take away the fact that Dad had had a great influence on me and my siblings.

Thus, when my brother writes me at 2 am in the morning I respond, if I am awake and not in a bad mood because he woke me up.  Overall, I’d like to think that my family can call me whenever. Wherever and I will respond. Because, that’s what you do. That’s what dad did. If I asked my sister to drive to a particular part of the country because of some reason: she’d ask when. If I needed my brother to help me move or anything else, he’d grab his things and meet me almost immediately. That’s how we are. That’s who we are. That’s how we grew up.

Despite my father’s memory is in our hearts and not physical in this world any more, the legacy of how me and my siblings understand family is burning through every social relation we make in the world.

Just a little philosophical thoughts on this grey Monday, for you all.


In the beginning of my glutenfree, milkfree lifestyle it was difficult for me to figure out where to eat when eating out. I hated being one of those women asking about gluten and milk – because I always considered it ridiculous. But feeling my body change, the sudden ability to exercise and run long distances made me aware of the fact that my body cannot eat gluten and diary products. One day I visited a cafe in Aarhus called Cafe Glad (Café Happy) with my cousin.

It was the only cafe I knew about in Aarhus that could be a place for me. They did not have much glutenfree on the menu, but their sandwiches – Oh MY! Love! Joy! Happiness! (Maybe you have realised by now, that you win my heart by serving me delicious food!). Again, as the previous recommendations, it is on the expensive side, but the food is delicious and therefore, worth it. The vibe in the cafe is cozy and hyggelig. Down to earth. And I love that. You can also just buy the food and take it to go.

Café Glad is a good opportunity for lunch and brunch opportunity and worth a visit.

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Da jeg forsøgte at blive gluten og mælke-fri var det sværeste at overkomme, hvad jeg skulle gøre, når jeg besøgte mine venner og de muligvis ville lave mad til mig. I begyndelsen mente jeg, at jeg selv ville have mad med, men hvad så med alle dem der egentlig gerne vil prøve det “glutenfrie og mælkefrie” køkken for min skyld? Hvordan forklarer man, hvad der er gluten i og hvad der ikke er. For, let’s be honest, listen er lang.

Så jeg lavede et dokument jeg kunne sende videre, der indeholdte hvad man skulle undgå og hvad man kunne vælge istedet og det vil jeg dele med jer! På den måde kan du evt bruge denne side som reference eller lave din egen. Skemaet er ikke min opfindelse, men et jeg har set flere bruge. Det her er baseret på en glutenfri og mælkefri kost.

Jeg vil gerne lige understrege, at jeg mener man skal gå til lægen og få hjælp til at finde ud af om man skal leve på en sådan kost før man begiver sig ud i det. Det er simpelthen for besværligt at gøre selv uden at have en læge ind over.



I am not a Muslim. I am a Christian. Thus – for obvious reasons – I do not know the intimate details about having a religious affiliation to Islam as I do as to Christianity. However, I do have an education in the study of religion and I do read the newspapers and follow steadily in the news. And I do see the different profiles we, talking from a Danish point of view, are fed up with about Islam and how we are being told how to think about Muslims.

I find that society today tends to point a little too much on the Muslims as terrorists, radicals and dangerous. So, when Pope Francis stood up and refused to point his finger at fellow Muslims in relation to the murder of a Roman Catholic Priest in June, I find that he pointed towards a general flaw in our society. I found his comments relevant. Because, I know some politicians wants me to believe that everyone who affiliate with Islam is dangerous, because Islam is a violent religion – but the thing is, I have met a lot of muslims that acted and believed in peaceful co-existens between Muslims and Jews in Israels-Palestine. So why is it we cannot have the same main idea in Europe? Why is it that Muslims should be to blame for a violent culture, when Europe was the one that have destroyed tribes and cultures in the Middle East and Africa historically? What about all the crusades that took it to be their mission to take back Jerusalem? Then, haven’t Christianity been a violent religion too?

I do not believe that religion is to blame for war. I believe we as selfish, discriminating human beings are to blame – and I believe we sometimes use religion as a way to authorise war. But I also think that we sometimes use religion to authorise a certain view on a group of people who doesn’t necessarily have a violent world view. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if this view that the media and the politicians often feeds us with is the very reason that some Muslims do implement a violent world view as the only way to make us respect them.

But don’t we all have the right to be respected as we are beyond violence?


Jeg elsker amerikanske pandekager og specielt dem her. De er nemme at lave og lækre luftige. Der skal ingen sukker i og kan steges på en pande uden fedt, hvis man er i besiddelse af de der smarte pander hvor man ikke behøver sådan noget som fedt for at lade pandekagerne slippe. Så der er minimeret på det usunde, så man kan fyre godt under siruppen når man spiser dem.

3 æg
1 tsk salt
1 tsk bagepulver
2 tsk vanille.
100 gr boghvedemel (eller andet alternativ).
1,5 dl plantemælk (Soya eller mandelmælk).
Evt 1 tsk kanel og skiveskårne og skrællede æbler.

Del æggehvider og æggeblommer ad. Pisk æggehviderne med saltet til skålen kan vendes på hovedet uden at indholdet falder ud. Bland æggeblommer, mælk, bagepulver og vanillesukker sammen i en skål for sig. Vend melen ind i den til den får en flydende men ikke for flydende konsistens og herefter vender man æggehviderne i blandingen. Vend dejen til æggehviderne bliver en del af dejen. Til sidst klatter man dejen på en pande, vender og værså god – så er der amerikanske pandekager.

Hvis du er til lidt ekstra muf og mums kan man med fordel vende 1 tsk kanel i og evt 1-1,5 æble (skrældet og skåret i tynde skiver) i dejen og stege dem på panden. Det gør dem også monster gode!

Alt jeg har tilbage at sige er: Velbekomme.