A while ago I got this stew or beef caserole, or whatever you would call it. Since, it has been one of my favourite dishes of all time! Today, I will present to you my version of the same dish. Easy to make. Gluten and Milkfree. Perfect for the everyday dinner or party! And, you will become the favourite cook among the gentlemens. Psst… Btw, definitely NOT vegan or vegetarian.

500 gr goulash squares (Both the cheap version and the more expensive version is useable, however if you spend a little more money on the fancy kind it will have a more tender result).
1 tray of sausages (the cocktail kind, please be sure to check this one for gluten on the label)
1 tray of bacon (the square kind).
1-2 onions.
2-3 garlic
1-2 chopped can tomatoes.
1 tomato paste
1 vegetable bouillon (the one from Knorr is glutenfree, but do make sure on the label).
Bay leaf
Salt and peber.
Carrots, red pepper and mushrooms.


Begin with the bacon and make is simmer until they are slightly golden. Remove the bacon, but leave the fat. This will give the most amazing flavour! Chop the onion and garlic, and let it simmer in the bacon-fat. Next you ad the goulash, when the onion is clear. The temperature should be on high, as you want to make sure the meat leaves all the taste and tenderness inside by roasting the sides before they are to boil in the pot for a while. Then you add the bacon again. Put the heat to a medium and add the tomato, the paste and the spices. I usually add about 1-2 teaspoons of each spice and 3-4 peaces of the bay leaf. Lastly, you add the bouillon. Again it is about what you like. I love the vegetable kind to this dish. It gives it an amazing flavour.

Now you put the heat on low and let it stand for a while. I usually makes the dish around 3-4 pm and let it simmer until served at 6-7 pm. It is possible that it can be made without this long of a ‘simmer-period’, but the taste and the context will be different. As a minimum let it simmer for about an hour before adding vegetables to the dish.

A half an hour before the dish is served I add the sausage, mushrooms, carrots and red webber. Let it simmer for a half and hour before you taste and add salt and webber. Serve it with rise, mashed potatoes or whatever you like.

The "dude"-stew

Eh voilá – an amazing dish with absolutely no milkproducts and naturally free of gluten. Make enough to put some of it in the freezer and hide the dish for a rainy day, when one needs a little luxury in the everyday life! I usually makes tons of this and freeze down in portions, so when I have a day where dinner is not something I would even bother to make, I can heat it up and eat easily!


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