I know I am lucky. I live in a country that helps me financially so that I can take the time to find a job that is appropriate to my educational level and what I want. Thus, I get financial support from the a-kasse, as we call them and I search for jobs and go to activities every now and again that might help networking and eventually lead me to a job. I needed to underline that to myself before writing my first status on tithing in 2017.

December 21st, 2016: Tithing is going to be different this first month. As I write this we are in december, 2016. I have just received my support from the state and taxes alone have taken so much of the support, that tithing is impossible. It made me so disappointed with myself as I had made this commitment. But I prayed about this to God. Cause truthfully this month is going to be tight. So is the whole year going to be – so it is a good start to begin learning to live with what I have and not spend more than that. I was reminded of what a friend once told me that tithing can be so much more than money. You can also give away your time and resources. So January for me is going to be me giving my time and resources into my relations, the different projects I am involved in and wherever I see a need. This is not going to be an excuse for me to go around my tithing. It is going to be an exception!

January 2nd, 2017: The reaction among friends and family to my project have been different. Different in the sense that I had to evaluate and think through what I actually expect and why I am doing this. It was explained to me from different sources, that Pentacostle’s find (who are very determined about that whole tithing thing), that one is expected to have a sort of overly natural experience with God. That tithing was to be a part of that experience with the Holy Spirit. I must admit that I don’t see Pentecostal’s, Lutherans and whatever all the different trends are called. I see Christians. Christians thinking, experiencing and meeting God differently. Who am I to judge who is right. I only know what I experience to be the right thing and I still believe that God will speak truth into our lives, the more time we spend with him. Regarding tithing, I was challenged this morning in my morning devotion to see things from a different perspective. I don’t think that tithing necessarily has to be a part of life as a Christian. I think it is a beautiful way of acknowledging God as my Saviour – and the fact that I believe God gave me every possibility and every penny that I have gained on this earth. I find it a beautiful way to praise God – giving back some of the things he is giving me. It is important to me to underline that I don’t expect something overtly unnatural to happen. It is important to me to do this – not out of the expectation that something will happen: That you reader will read about miracles. But that I personally will go through a transformation. I want to break with the greed I feel deep inside me – and I see this as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn that money is not everything. In my devotion this morning I was reminded of that God meets the individual differently. Some through blazing, unnatural meetings, some through a small whispering voice, others through something completely different. I am convinced that God will meet me in this. Actually he already has. And I am excited to see where he will strike next and how. But the things I do and the ways I praise God is not ultimately what everyone should be doing as Christians. That is for themselves to decide. Not me. And I will not be judgemental towards those who choose to act differently. Because in the end I believe that we cannot make ourselves deserved of Gods salvation. We only have to believe and let him lead. And I guess in some way, this is where God led me.

January 10th, 2017: This month have truly been a month of reflexion already. I’ve been challenged. Confused. And lastly, reminded of what I want to do this year! This morning during my reflexion time, I was again reminded of the importance of tithing. I was reminded of the initial reasons as to do this (speaking from a personal perspective). I want to be dependent on God. To some that might seem weird. A friend of mine said: “You can do it when you have the means to”. But, truthfully, that is exactly the time for it. Like having kids, there will always be excuses not to have them. There will never really be a “right time”. There will always be some part of me that will say “next month” when it comes to money. Tithing for me has so many levels. So many different reasons. But mainly, this is me, admitting, that I believe God gave me everything I own. And all I can do is give something back. Give him my time. My life. My money. This is me tithing.

January 25th, 2017: So, to conclude January’s tithing goal. This month was a time of being reminded. God has been kindly reminding me of the promise I have made to him. Somewhere in the Bible it said, not to make promises that one could not keep, because one will be held responsible for them. I guess that is my January experience. God has in so many ways held me responsible for the goal I have for 2017 when it comes to my relationship with money. So many times, that I rolled my eyes at God saying: “yes. I know”. Despite of me not tithing this month, he still made things possible for me. Like, money ticking into my bank account. Friends helping me out. With my stubbornness to actually being able to make things go around without a minus at the end of the month. He always did this. Not because I was tithing – actually for some time I haven’t. He has always been there, helping me out. I guess, I only first realised this, because my focus is on money this year. So to sum up, I don’t need tithing as a payment for him to act in my life. Tithing is a way for me to say thank you for him being there with me, despite the fact that I cannot – and never will be able to – give back what he gave me. Tithing is not a reaction to expect a counteraction. To me, you could say it is a counteraction to the reaction God already has given towards me. To the fact that he meets me right where I am. With no expectations what so ever. And praise the Lord for that.


A glutenfree and milk free lifestyle does not have to be as difficult as it sometimes would seem. You can even transform your favourite dishes into delicious glutenfree and milk free pieces of heaven. You just have to know what to change the different things to. It is kind of like those times you attempt to go sugar free for some time, or go on a diet. At first it is difficult, because you have to change your mindset on many areas. You have to find the middle way, that will not make you miss your old habits but look forward to new one’s. For me, I sometimes miss the simplicity. Whipped cream in my Irish Coffee. But, the more I learned how to adjust the recipes and food to something I could actually enjoy. I don’t miss my old life as much anymore. Actually, I don’t want to go back. I never felt better. For me to be adding different recipes in on this particular blog, has nothing to do with publishing them as my creation. They are not. I adjusted them here and there to be something I could enjoy. Furthermore, this blog is just as much an attempt to make it easier for my friends who does not have the same issues with food as I do. To make it easier for them to make food for me as well.


And, on one hand, I want to share the recipes because there is not many out there like these. Either the recipes’ are glutenfree and lactose-free or just one of the other. Lactose intolerance is not the same as avoiding dairy products all together. There’s a difference and that is why I share the recipes. On the other hand, I use this blog as my own library. That way I can remember them and re-use them.


So what’s the point of this blog? Well, I want to share with you, who are in the beginning of this journey of a glutenfree and milkfree lifestyle, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will be able to eat normally. Just, a new normal. I want to share with you, who have a friend that is eating according to this specific lifestyle, that it is possible to make easy and not necessarily expensive food and cakes for them.


And, I want to tell my younger self, tumbling out of the doctors office, having a food-deshavu of all the things that I suddenly couldn’t eat: It gets easier. One day you will only have a slight regret when walking past Dunkin Donut’s knowing you will never experience the taste of those deliciously and nasty looking bread-thingies.

If any of the cakes above have caught your attention, you will find the recipe’s here.


Mona Eltahawy published in 2015 the rather interesting and provocative book, Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution. A personal tale of the double standards she met and the personal battles she had had with Islam and its view on the women. Mostly, the book is written within the aspects and fights of feminism and the authors understanding of such in the Middle East.

I wouldn’t call myself a feminist. Despite the fact that I do believe a woman can do, and should be able to do, whatever is in her scope of succeeding with. My own view of a woman is that she is beautiful. She contains many wonders. Much strength. And that she is capable of so much more than what we all initially thinks – including the women themselves. I have had the pleasure to meet many impressive women. My grandmother is one of the women that keeps surprising me. Her strength to keep doing, believing and act the way she believes to be the ultimate truth, impresses me time and time again.

This book focuses on The Middle Eastern woman. It describes the obstacles women face in a patriarchal world, where men are the head of the family and women are considered to be machines only to bring children to the world and to take care of them. The book is a necessary contribution to stir and discuss how we consider women in the Middle East. It do put up important questions as to where the Western politicians alliance lay. And I love how it provoked my else firm understanding of the woman in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, I find that it more than once generalises and speaks into the world of women, she doesn’t necessarily know anything about. She keeps talking about the hypocrisy of the Western world. How they close their eyes towards the Saudi Arabian view on and treatment of women. The thing is that the book is missing a layer of understanding. Not that this would in any way be an excuse for ignoring the problems, but could be an explanation to the Western world’s treatment of the issue. The lack of the overall political layer unfortunately cripples the else interesting subject the books puts forward into the light.

In another example she talks about women in Islam, Judaism and Christianity. That all women under any of these religious affiliations are suppressed by men and a patriarchal worldview. First and foremost it is problematic to write in a tone, in which one expresses that no one should meddle in this, when one points a judgemental finger towards other religious affiliations, one doesn’t seem to know that much about. It almost seems as if, in her view, that her epiphany should destroy every other women’s religious affiliation. The thing is that I am sitting as the receiver of her message thinking, “Hey, I made my own choice. I understand that you felt forced into making yours. But I wasn’t. I chose to become a Christian. I chose to live the way I do. Not because some man stood with a judging mindset towards my female presence and told me to cross my legs and be virtuous”. As a matter of fact I made my choice in a country where I will be viewed as radically different from the norm. It seems to me that Mona Eltahawy describes a situation where being and acting like a Muslim woman is the same as being a part of what in that part of the world is considered the norm. I am not saying that her situation isn’t awful and that we should keep our eyes closed to what for some is a problem. I am saying, that in her mission to spread the word about a hypocrisy that needs attention, she drags along women that isn’t necessarily a victim of the fight. In that, she almost drowns the real victims that needs attention with women that doesn’t.

I remember the moment I decided that I wanted to study religion and religious affiliation. I was in the bazaar of Jerusalem. Standing in the middle of the welter of people that negotiated prices. People discussing. People eating. On my right side, a Muslim man walks proudly towards me. He doesn’t notice anything. His walk reveals a proud mind. Behind him a woman, his wife, is walking, almost running with what almost seemed as an abundance of children swarming around her, demanding her every attention. On my left, a Jewish man comes walking towards me. He doesn’t notice anything in front of him. Not because he seems proud of himself. But his sole attention is to the beautiful woman on his left. He doesn’t care about the world, but looks with wonder. With pride. With amazement. With respect towards the woman he has with him on his right. Since I have learned how religious doctrines are differently interpreted. Unfortunately, Mona Eltahawy does not seem to have understood the same.

From my academic understanding, the problem of having a religious affiliation is only when one person through one’s religious understanding limits the freedom of others. Others who didn’t necessarily chose this worldview. And herein, lies the difference between the religiosity I see emerging in most cases in for instance Denmark, as opposed to the one that lives in some areas where it is a limitation for people who did not chose the affiliation they are “being governed by”.

As black and white things seems to be in this important contribution of a book written for Mona, that is not how black and white the world initially are. Religion is not necessarily a bad thing. It is important to underline and fight for Women’s Rights – but not to forget that there is also the right to belief and other human rights to underline and fight for, which are equally as important.


Do you know that feeling? You look in your calendar, and a friend – one of those you have no problem calling to – just recently celebrated her birthday. In an instant, your stomach pinches and your brain is going 240 km/h to find out whether or not you called her and congratulated her. I did. I just forgot I did. Like when I forget that I remembered to turn out the stove, but forgot I did. #ManIHateMyBrainSometimes, #WhyIsItSomethingsJustQuetlySlipsOut?

Ok, I admit, Nothing exciting, funny or just amazing happened for me to make a cool and hilarious everyday tales blog. I’ve been busy. You know: Running, applying for jobs, going to seminars and courses, calling random people, volunteering at different things. But nothing out of the ordinary. Well I did eat what seemed like a kilo of bacon at the event I attended yesterday – that was the only thing they served that was glutenfree. Lucky, I LOVE bacon. Which my vegetarian friend was so friendly as to remind me and point out that I had been at the bacon trey for the forth time.. I admit that I sometimes roast bacon just to eat them like chips… #WellI<3 BaconIReallyDo #TheOnlyFoodThatDidn’tChangeAfterGoingGlutenfree, #SorryVegansorVegetariansIRespectYourLifestyleIReallyDo, #UneventfullifeAndStillIBlogAboutIt…

The embarrassment that went over me once I realised that in my recipes I’ve written diary free, instead of dairy free… I mean of course they are diary free. It is kind of like that Libresse commercial where the Danish lady says “stay fairless” when she should have said fearless… #dooooohh, #couldnthelplaughing, #potatopotato, #blameitonthedane!


I’ve been dying to try making something “breakfast-y” for the easy and fast breakfast. So, inspired by different healthy muffin recipes, I’ve assembled the best of all worlds and these are what came out of it. They are good straight out of the oven, but they are also good the day after. 🙂

2 ripen bananas.
3 eggs.
2-3 tbsp Peanutbutter
1 tsp baking powder.
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp Cinnamon
1,5 decilitre muesli (Glutenfree oatmeal blended and a handful almonds chopped is one version, another could be this muslin I’ve made with great success (of course with glutenfree oatmeals and I admit to leave out the rasins).

First you mash the bananas to a coherent mass. Then you add the baking powder, vanilla, cinnamon, and muesli into the mixture and mix it up good. Then add the peanutbutter to the mix as well. The mixture are divided into muffinforms (you can add a piece of chocolate to each muffin – just make sure it is a dark chocolate (70 percent and up) and make sure to read the inscription to be sure there isn’t any diary in it) and are baked in the oven 175 degrees for 15 minutes (fan-oven).

Voilá – delicious breakfast muffins to go. Add some sugar on top or eat them with a cup of tea in the afternoon. They will satisfy that small hunger that aches for sugar after school or work. 🙂


…In Denmark “Lagkagehuset” is famous for its cakes (well at least to me).. All the amazing cakes I once ate and cannot eat anymore. This particular line of stores are opening in London – with a new “Personal”-name. Which is good for them because “Layer Cake House” (direct translation) does not sound that hip in my ears. So, I Guess “Ole & Steen Layer Cake House” is sooooo much better (hint: irony may have occurred here).

…I loooove modern art. I mean, really love it. I am that type of person who can stand in front of a canvas and wonder what there is on the other side, if the artist just painted in the corner. A friend of mine always recall a time we went to Tade Modern together, in which I stood in wonder in front of a painting for more than 15 minutes in amazement. My friend always ends the tale by reminding me that the canvas only had a dot in the middle of a big white background. But, there is a limit and when this Danish town, Ballerup, hoisted a 5 metre high knuckle-buster with hearts in side of the  holes, I have to admit I laughed. What on earth did the artist think? It just seems so ridicules that I have to experience it live. I just have to!  If you have become curious, please see the pictures taken of the glorious knuckle-love-burster here.


It had already been a productive day. Job-applications had been sent. Important mails had been answered. Job-log was up-to-date. Clothes was washed and hang to dry or was yet to be folded. I had been out running this morning. And then, I was sitting in my couch surrounded by clean clothes, ready to begin reading my professional relevant reading material. I mean – just because I am unemployed (and really, really want a job), it doesn’t mean that learning have to stop. On that note, I also follow different online courses. All in all, productive in the process of getting my first adult job. A regular day for me. Sometimes I sit at the library, in the effort of getting things done.

I am privileged. I live in a country where we still get support to get an education. And find a relevant job. There are few who do misuse the system, but else, I find it works really well. I have the time to go to relevant seminars. Network. Do internships. And so forth. When slightly looking at the American system, and considering my own situation, I honestly do not want to be american. I love how the Danish system looks out for the weak in the society. How we get a chance to find a relevant job. Educate. Where escaping one’s social heritage does not have to be a fight about all or nothing, but can be done through educating oneself. Getting a different job than what one’s parents had. I for one do not want to be a teacher (sorry Mom) or a carpenter. I admire my parents. My father build up his own company. My mother educated further and got a degree in something teacher-ish that I cannot remember. They were/are intelligent in their own ways. So I am lucky. I grew up in a country where I did not have to be a teacher because my mother is. I can go my own ways. Have my own opinions. My own beliefs.

I once met a woman from the USA. Interesting talks we had, but she personally shot down the Danish society saying that it would not last for long. “How old is it? A couple of decades?”. I remember sitting in disbelief thinking, that first and foremost it was a tad older than just a couple of decades and by the way, I would not change it to yours. I can scarcely understand how one can argue for a society-system where the “fittest will survive”. I find that inhumane in some ways. I can understand that one learns to take care of oneself and does not rely on the society to help. But I like that there always is something to fall back on, and not fall out of society completely. That help is always around the corner.

These days where change are revealing itself in the choices made by the Danish government – a government that seems to want the American society instead of the one we already have. These days, I am reminded about all the opportunities I have and have had – all opportunities I wouldn’t have in the system the government wishes for. I am lucky – I have had the chance to get an education I am passionated about. I have been able to challenge my inner nerd with subjects of how society deals with religion. How people deals with religion. The different religious affiliations. The Middle Eastern Society in its different perspectives. I have had the chance to spent the time needed to find a relevant job. I will have the possibility to contribute to society and give back in a job I will love and be passionated about. Without having to fight over money. The system in Denmark is not perfect and need adjusting. But oh, the stomach ache when looking at the changes already made and changes that are about to come. Changes have to happen. But stop ruining the system. Make it better. Make improvements. Stop thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Because from where I stand, it is not.

I am already on the right side…


This Christmas the family and I gave in to my brothers torment of a PS4. He began the nag 2-3 months ago. But when the day finally came and the presents were to be revealed he still couldn’t believe it, when he was given the money for the Playstation. His hands were shaking of disbelief and amazement. The first day the shops opened after Christmas, we actually went to buy it. Each moment of the day was eternalised by my brother on pictures and now, I actually haven’t heard from him in a while… #Nowthatisgiftgiving, #HisHandsWasShakingOfExcitement, #FunniestGiftGivingEver, #OhHowILoveChristmas.

Btw, the fact that my brother now is the overjoyed owner of a PS4, suddenly made me the owner of a PS3. Not that I need it, but it will make me play dvd’s and such. #IAmNotTheGamerType, #MaybeIWillBe, #SecondHandGamer…

01.01.17, 01.00 AM: That thing about cancelling New Years 2016 was a huge success. Don’t get me wrong. I love to celebrate this day with my friends too. But what a night! I LOVED IT! And just going out to watch other people’s money being shut in many colours over the midnight sky is actually really cool. And now I am enjoying Cava and watching Cirkus Revyen 2016. #YupIAmThatKindOfGal, #HappyNewYear.

Speaking about New Years I kind of find that this is that one day a year no one complains about traffic, because no one sticks to the rules. One day of chaos and lawlessness. I mean it’s not just traffic. It’s a miracle that more people are not hurt or killed on this day. #DrunkPeopleAndFireworks, #DangerousBiking.

Turning 30 wasn’t as bad as I had feared. Until my mum suddenly stated that, “Now, I was a lady”. Fears of becoming old and grey rushed over me as I firmly responded that, I was not a lady. Lady in Danish (dame) is in my view a title one gets when waaaaaay older than 30. maybe 60 or even 70. #IAmNOTThatOld, #MyMotherCouldNotStopLaughing, #ButThenWeAteCake.


Are you a true Gilmore Girls fan and have yet the pleasure of revisiting the girls and Stars Hollow, this blog might contain spoilers that you do not want to know about. I do however not spoil anything near the whole #4WordPledge-thingy…  Or anything of the storyline for that matter. Don’t worry.. This review is entirely on my experience revisiting a world I have been to many times growing up! 

It has been long anticipated. The air have almost been thick of excitement and expectations have been sky high when talking to the true GG-fans. Myself included btw. I know all 7 seasons by heart and always found season 7 the WORST! The changes and the ending was not the Gilmore Girls series I knew from the beginning. The disappointment and anger have always filled me when reaching towards the end. I hated that Rory had a relationship with Logan for so long. I hated the entire ending. Sweet, but come on… Flat and tasteless. Nothing like the rest of the series.

What I love the most about Gilmore Girls, is the fact that I never had to sit at the edge of my seat to follow along. A thriller is exciting – but to a certain degree. Sometimes it is nice to just be able to sit back. Relax with a cup of something. Maybe knitting meanwhile watching and not having to see the entire season for my curiosity to be satisfied. Gilmore Girls always had that effect on me. I loved the fast speech. Loved to explore the different references the Girls made in the series. And how their entire conversations suddenly would make sense once knowing the different movies or books of which they where referring. I loved the different characters. How the show did not stand alone on how the Gilmore Girls acted, but characters as Kirk, The grandparents, Babett and the gossipers, Luke and Taylor’s fighting and so forth.

The new season is a pleasent re-visit to the streets I almost feel like having walked myself and a town I feel like knowing better than my own back pocket. After so many hours, months and years of frustration over the sudden end of the previous show, the season gives me a long comping closure. I don’t need to know more. I don’t need a revival of the new season. I think the series with this new season have gone full circle, which is more than fine by me. Now, the original season (seasons 1-6 in my account) have some kind of magic. A magic I always wondered whether they would be able to capture again in this new season. I feared that it was far fetched, but was glad when seeing that my fears was not at all met. The magic is still there, and despite the fast talks had lost a little of its speed and quick snappiness the original series had, it did not matter to me. I did miss Sookie, however, and found the storyline a bit weird and out of touch. But knowing that Melissa is a bussy woman I am willing to cut some slack on that account. Once Sookie did appear, I found her voice weirdly VERY different than how Sookie spoke in the original series? Am I the only one who noticed?

Anyway, back to the overall review. I honestly loved how the season took its time to sort of come around every character once connected to the whole Gilmore Girls world and tie the loose ends the original series so annoyingly had left open. I think the season has been beautifully wrapped, and it is definitely a season I will buy and watch as many times as the original series. I admit to have even shed a tear in the end and gasped chokingly once knowing what the whole #4pledgeword was referring to.

Despite it slowly finding its way into the snappy and fast forward moving pace the original series had, I will tell all Gilmore Girls fans that this is a season you really should see. The years have past and that does effect the outcome, but the magic is still there and for that true fans should watch it, live it, breath it and eventually come up for air in a new refreshed manner with a greater manner of closure.


As of 11.26 am yesterday (January the 3rd) I reached the age of 30. My mom bursted out that, now I was a lady. I do not see myself as such – and wonder if I ever will. Besides, I find the Danish word for lady (“Dame”) a tad elderly. Meaning, I honestly thought that one should be of an older age to become a lady. Not 30. And besides, just because I have really reached adulthood, does not mean I have to dress like that. A comment taken out of context I guess.

When I was a kid, I always thought I would have accomplished certain things when I became 30. I thought I would be married, with kids and an adult job. I thought I would dress adultish (I guess that is rather subjective). Maybe a cool car and my own house/apartment. I have neither of these things. I am not even close to being in a relationship (and honestly I do not mind), I don’t have kids (I don’t know if I want them – I mean I kind of like my friends kids. Especially the fact that I can hand them over and go home alone afterwards). I am not in a position of an adult job (Please let that not be for long! I really do want one of those!). I am on my way to a more adult wardrobe – whatever that means. I guess in this case I am referring to that fake leather-skirt I own. When had bought it and I showed it of to my mother I joyously announced that this was my “adult skirt”. I do not have a car (but I do want one of them hybrids… ). And I still rent rooms.

Life is not what I once imagined. But I guess that is lucky me. Because if life was what I imagined, there would be worlds in our stomachs for each food-group so the food we ate could play with each other in our stomachs. Or I would be married to some of all the major crushes I once had (Oh, please don’t make me relive those) and I would have twins (I once wished I would be one of those twin parents…). Truthfully, I am quite content with life as it is. There are areas I am working on (cough *In need of a job* cough). And despite the fact that it did take me time to come to grips with the fact that I no longer was a young adult and suddenly more than ever had to step up and be adult (because I definitely wasn’t adult before (sense the hint of irony)), I love life as it is right now.

So cheers to life, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!