At the end of a day, my mouth would have its own mind and literally send signals to my brain on how bored it was. Why no candy? Why not that icecream from the freezer? OH OH OH, Look at that lemon-marengue pie? But a couple of days ago it basically said, Kat, you simply cannot watch more TV without one of those crusty rolls you bought for the weekend. It is simply not possible.

And you know, like training a dog as owners rewards the dog for the desired behaviours, I may have rewarded my mouths desires with all four of them.

It was a surprise to me how big an influence something so seemingly innocent as sugar can have and how dramatic my body can seem to be. After 2-3 days of headaches and 8 days of cake alternatives, I actually made it to the other side of all the drama-tantrums – sick of almonds, despite them being a regular in my household.

Now I have 20 days left and I can feel my body being a-okay (now I’m not talking diabetes wise, because that is another story for another day). I still miss my friday-night candy and I do want that Ben & Jerry’s in my freezer, but I’m not being that dramatic about it anymore. I’m simply okay going without.

Fasting from something is breaking with something that seems to have too much power over you.

I never actually thought I’d get to this point, where I would be okay with not entertaining my mouth with whatever cake was at my disposal. Learning, that it’s okay to be bored, and that it is literally unhealthy to give in to whatever need I have. But also breaking with a potential “comfort” before it got out of control and I had to fight other health-related issues.

I’d rather get a healthy, comfortable relation to the things that can create so much havoc in my life than to look back and wonder why I didn’t deal with this when I could.


As I was laying in bed trying to wake up, I wondered how to get around this idea or commitment I made the night before. Actually, I’ve tried to find loopholes all morning. How can I at some point in the nearest future eat that Ben and Jerry’s ice cream I have in the freezer? How can I justify buying my loved candy? And then it just dawned on me: I have a problem. Sugar in all forms unhealthy has an unnatural grip on my life. It takes a focus it shouldn’t have and for that reason alone, this is important.

Now, I’m diabetic. Type 1. So sugar will always in some form be a natural remedy to my expected lows. Many believes that I am sick because of sugar, but that’s not how it is – and that is why it is important for me to underline that this journey I’m sharing right now has nothing to do with my blood sugar. Now I expect that this choice I make the next 40 days will have an important impact in this area, but I do not choose not to eat sugar because of it. I believe that with the medicine we have today, a diabetic can live a normal life – and besides it’s all carbs that is an issue, so you can’t really live safe being sugar free – popcorn can make your blood sugar rise just as much as candy can. Maybe not as dramatically, but it will happen.

No, I am making this choice, because I do not want to be that lady who cannot control my need for sugar to function. I want to be able to have Cake-fridays, and then choose healthier options throughout the week. I want a healthy body, because I believe that it can be a journey in a healthier God-life as well. I do not want anything binding me, letting me become someone I am not intended to be.

So this is it. Day 40. In my fasting from sugar. The rule is I can eat fruit, and food with sugar in it (such as honey) but not the good processed sugar, candy, and things with processed sugar such as icecream and cakes.

This is my manifestation. This blog is supposed to keep me responsible. And this is me trying train some strength into this area of my life, where I unfortunately has a wormy-backbone (we say “en rygrad som en regnorm” in Danish).


Something dangerous about a woman;
Content with how things are;
In acceptance of the season she is in.

Loving what is today
Knowing that, accepting a season
does not make it permanent.

Change is happening
In all spheres of life;
some just quicker than others.

Taking away all distractions
Allowing her to focus on the reality
Seeing the possibilities for the future.

Possibilities not distracted
by norms of others.
by what she is ‘supposed’ to do.

But having true freedom
to feel, deep down;
“What is my God-spoken way of life?”


After yet another season of pain and sorrow over the things I did not get to have, I found myself reading Timothy Kellers book “The Meaning of Marriage” in order to figure what it was that I wanted and why. As I reached the end it dawned on me, that as much as I did want that kind of marriage…

I just didn’t want that right now.

So. What do you do when that one thing you’ve been giving yourself pain over for so long is the one thing you want, but just doesn’t feel ready to have? In a season of life when everyone else seemed to settle down, was it even socially acceptable as a Christian to not want to get married and have a family life right now? Would that mean that my chances would pass and never come back=

And, so began my first season of acceptance. I remember it not being a walk in a park, but it set me free from a lot of expectations I had of myself and gave me space to actually feel what I felt and not try to feel what I felt everyone expected me to as a believer at the end of my twenties.

Just because I accepted the state of things right at that moment, it didn’t mean I wanted it that way. It didn’t mean I was okay with being single. It just ment I found the ability to love life and accept it. I found the ability to accept the road I was on.

Loving singlelife doesn’t mean that it is set in stone that I will be single for the rest of my life… And thank God for that!

A year or so ago I found myself at my moms wedding, loving the irony that my mom got to experience that more than once, and I was still waiting. Pretty much every member of the distant family gave me “much needed advice”. One told me not to grow too comfortable. Another, to get moving.

That did not make me go home feeling cared for and comfortable enough to jump at any chance of a date. It made me go home crying, feeling uncomfortable, unloved and wrong.

The thing just is, that you can do everything right and still not hit jackpot. Finding someone is a miracle on it’s own. And yes, we do need to do what is natural in order for God to pull his overnatural, miracle way.

The thing just is, that I don’t want to settle for less. I want to be with that God-chosen one. And that takes time, work and a miracle.

At the end of the day, I have to be the one pulling myself up for every time yet another one has a band on that “leadership finger”. Yet another one turned out to have a girlfriend. Yet another one wasn’t interested in me like that. Yet another one found my boundaries too much. Not you.

And that is why I made a rule of acceptance in my single-chronicles:

Accepting life never makes any state of life permanent. It just makes it liveable. And a whole lot more fun to live!


“We’re not gonna be able to be really with people if we are not able to be real about where we really are and say ‘we just really need you, Jesus'”
– Bob Goff.

Once upon a time, in a church in Denmark I was sitting in the choir. I had committed to singing that specific Sunday morning. I don’t remember why. But I had one of those moments where I just felt life sucked. I remember sitting almost up under the roof where the organ was, listening to the priest, having a moment with God just saying to myself “Ok. This sucks. So, I don’t believe in you anymore.” I don’t remember what the priest said. But I do remember having this clear feeling just moments after, that “huh, God. You just really love me. ” And my few moments as a non-believer passed.

It was almost as if God whispered to me, “but Kat, I just love you. ” And that was all I needed. In that moment.

I have never hidden to any of my friends – believers or not – that I don’t always agree with God. Actually, one time, at a wedding, I shared in a private moment with the bride, that God and I were fighting. We had a disagreement as to where I was supposed to be in life by now. She shared with me that she’d always wondered, why I kept holding on to my faith, when it seemed to be so hard sometimes and go against what I wanted. And I remember answering;

“because I know God’s the one being right in the end. I just need time to get there”.

The thing about faith is that people are watching you. Not just when things are going well.

It is so easy to point to God and tell your friends about all the things that are happening when things are going well. Just as easy as it is for people in a relationship to tell singles to “not waste time not enjoying singleness. Because once you get in a relationship…”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do believe God can use every sphere his children are in, in his mission to bring people back to him.

But, I’ve learned that my faith tend to be the one thing people can’t stop noticing, when everything in my life just sucks, and I am still on my knees, praising God.

I may not remember a moment in life without God. I don’t have a crazy “coming to faith”-story or a story about how God’s healing during baptism.

God has been a constant companion throughout my life, as long as I can remember. What I believed and did back then may not necessarily be what I believe and do today. And, I’m not perfect. I am a sinner too. I may not have always been faithful to the road he is leading me towards, but I’ve always been loyal to it.

The thing just is, that there is just as much power in the story of a lifelong journey with God walking the road he’s leading me towards as any other faith-story. Because people notice.

A friend told me, that it was people like me, who kept holding on throughout their entire lives that led her to believe and trust, that, that “God-thing” might actually be true.

So. Don’t ever doubt that God isn’t using you. You may not notice. Sometimes it isn’t when you are pointing towards him, but when you are living your life trying to pass whatever bump your facing on the road of life. It may not always be the masks you let people see in public that makes people wonder. But it may be when you let the mask drop that they notice that you act what you preach.

In the end, we do not have to do anything but getting out of the way. God is in control. No matter what, walking with Jesus, people will notice. And I pray that, my actions will point them to him and be a light in their darkness, making them wonder.


I’ve heard life compared to seasons. That spring-feeling that spreads through you when love takes every thought, every action hostile. I know about parts of life being compared to a dessert. Every step is taken in agony – yet, all you can do is put one foot in front of the other.

Personally, I’ve always found life to be like a hallway. Some you rush through like a wind, others you’ve been camping in for so long that you know every detail of that one room. Sometimes you find yourself in more than one hallway at once. At work things are flying, while in your home-life-hallway you may find every door locked or barricaded.

We’ve all been there. That one barricaded hallway where there seems to be no breakthrough.

To me, that “all to familiar”-hallway is my singleness. I know every surface of that room, every colour, every detail. I even try to splash things up a little, brigthen it up, making it home.

Every once in a while, I try to push through to see if ‘now is the time’, but the doors in this one hallway always seems so unnaturally barricaded. Every once in a while something happens, but I always end up back in that room, counting the boards in the sealing, waiting for the extraordinary.

I don’t understand why. I don’t understand why I can’t, when so many around me gets to. But I know how it feels when it’s a God-timing.

Though, my heart is not there yet my reasoning, mind and senses knows that Gods timing is the one to count on. I know how it feels when God wants something in my life.

Sometimes God scatters opportunities in front of me, sits back and watches me take up the pieces, studying them and choosing. Other times, it is like I don’t even have to push any door open. It will be opened for me and I will be forced through, kicking and screaming like the kid in a supermarket not getting that one candy bar.

Over the years, I’ve learned that change doesn’t necessarily happen because I do something extraordinary. I can prepare the circumstances. I can even try to prepare myself. But in the end, God is the one doing the extraordinary, and if he doesn’t think it’s time – it won’t be.

The hardest part is not waiting or going through the process of the wait. It is not trying to believe it will happen in my own life or to someone else. Having chosen him to lay the road before me, I can’t know when, where or with whom neither in my life nor for the people around me. While the wait is hard, the hardest part of it is the fact that we are waiting for his timing. Not mine.

In the midst of it all, taking desires and life-wishes off the table, the ultimate hardest part is praying ‘Thy will be done’ and trusting that no matter what, the road laid before me is the best road taken.

I don’t know why I’m single. I don’t know why you are. I don’t know whether I’ll ever not be. But I trust that God knows what he’s doing. Even if my fleeting heart doesn’t always agree I know that the process he is taking me through is the best for me. Though this road is narrow and less travelled, I choose to trust the one that can do extraordinary things instead of my own abilities to create a destiny.

Photo by Art_of_ROSH on Unsplash

Photo by Art_of_ROSH on Unsplash

Life took a drastic turn for me and my siblings when our dad died 7 years ago. He passed away while on a holiday in Egypt – a holiday my very generous brother had given him as a present. Little did we know how this one loss would start an avalanche of events in all of our lives.

You see, me and my siblings are three very different, yet on some levels similar people. Thus, we also had three very different ways of taking care of our grief. And while we also had to learn how to make grief a part of life, mental health issues started to surface in my siblings lives as well.

The past seven years we’ve had to deal with a lot of different terms of way they act and find explanations to those that did not necessarily fit the people my sister and brother were and are. Because, sometimes it is not my brother or my sister acting, but that something inside them telling them to go against their common nature. And on that note, one thing is fighting against things your body is physically trying to express, another thing is, when you can’t seem to trust your own mind and psyche.

In all of this, my siblings are growing to become two very strong, independent people who in their own ways are handling whatever is thrown at them with grace and dignity, knowing the strength of asking for help and getting to know when is it themselves acting and when is it that mental illness inside of them speaking. Seeing these two people grow up with seemingly all odds against them and still becoming the best versions they can be is an awestriking experience knowing that their fight against themselves along with everything else.

But here am I. The healthy one. And it’s not that I don’t love my family or that they could do anything different. But when everyone around you are fighting battles against themselves and is in need of extra attention due to their mental wellbeing, one thought has started to surface within me.

What about me?

I am healthy, yeah. And, yes I am strong enough to carry a little bit extra. But sometimes I am looked towards as if I don’t need the extra attention every once in a while. I am being put in the – “She is healthy, so I don’t need to ask how she is or check up on her or compliment her”-box.

Yesterday, I was calling my mother – who in her own way are trying to find a way to be mentally and physically stable in all the storms she finds herself in at the moment, and I threw a rather “on the edge of being cruel”-joke. “I guess, I have to invent a mental illness to get people’s attention in this family. ” followed up by the laughing comment whether this one joke was made “too soon? ”

But if I for a moment have to look past all the social conducts, how I am supposed to think about it all and the expectations of the strong elder sister, I find it hard to overlook the feeling of being so much alone.

I feel like standing very much alone on top of Mount Everest not knowing who I can count on to catch me? I find myself moving in the shadows of my siblings illnesses trying not to be in the way of them getting the help and attention they need.

I know one of my siblings will hate reading this, because this one already struggles with the seemingly need of getting all of this attention in order to become a healthier version of oneself. And I’m not trying to destroy this process.

However, I can’t help but wonder, when the unthinkable, unrelatable crisis hits a family – who takes care of the healthy ones?

I thought I had learned how to create boundaries between it all. Where my role as the big-sis comes with a strong mind, understanding and a shoulder begins and where my life as a human being who has needs as well gets a role too.

But sometimes the two intertwine and get mixed-up. Sometimes I have to be the stable, understanding Big-Sis without being any of it underneath it all. It can get overwhelming having to surpress one’s own needs in order to hold another ones.

When is it okay to step back to gain stable ground again? When should I be the stable, understanding family-member without showing the chaos on the inside?


The fireworks was already going crazy outside and there I was deep in my couch, loosing time while reading and researching. Walking about Copenhagen streets when darkness had fallen on this special day, I witnessed countless dinnerparties and well-dressed men and women eating and looking like they were having a good time. But, I would lie if I told you, I wanted to be a part of it.

“I cannot bear the thought of you alone on New Years” a friend of mine bursted out a couple of days ago. She was just one out of many who the past couple of weeks looked distraught, like our social-life depended on this very evening as I undramatically tried to explain that I was going to be at home, eat something nice, drink something cool and watching something stupid. And, that I was looking forward to it – quite a lot actually.

Getting to know me for me

It took me years trying to understand why this specific evening always left me feeling awkward and wrong. Why did this evening make me feel like that every year, but other times I found myself in similar settings – you know lovely dinner, dressed up nicely and good company – never did?

It took me years admitting my limits and accepting the fact that, that’s not me. I prefer getting people on a personal level rather than being on a dance-floor. I prefer laughing like crazy around the dinner-table drinking wine on a regular, spontaneous evening, rather than the forced “1-2-3 HAVE FUN” tension New Year’s brings.

I don’t suffer from severe FOMO, if I’m not a part of some big party, but I kind of do when I’m not part of everyday spontaneous fun relations or deep conversations. 

The year that went and the year to come

Instead, I got a chance to ponder on the year that has been and the year to come. I leave a year I made big steps, had big highs followed by deep, dark lows, tried loving the trivial while dreaming bigger.

Looking back, I have to admit that I sometimes limit myself because I think too much. That many of my quarrels has to do with bad, unhealthy habits.

So this year I step into a year where I’ll try not to think too much about everything and just doing it. Instead of saying no, just accepting and seeing what happens. Though, I like being in the shadows and observing, I need to step onto center-stage of life more and be present. I don’t know how and what that will look like, but it just seems important to me this year.

Yes, I could add things such as working out, eating healthy and so forth. But things that are already a part of my everyday life doesn’t need to be a part of my New Years resolutions. Besides, resolutions is the quality of being determined or resolute (according to the dictionary), and that doesn’t have to be a New Years thing only – but a choice I can make during the year as well.

Besides, in the spirit of just doing it and stepping out more, I’m going to make 2020 start memorable and go to Budapest for a few days. So, this year can’t be totally bad with a beginning like that can it?


14. Oktober 2018

Der har altid været en hvis forventning omkring det. Som om det var dér livet startede. Singlelivet synes at være en landeplage der skal kureres for enhver pris. Eventyret starter næsten altid med at man møder én, der tager én ud af hverdagens trivielle trummerum og befrier én til mere eventyrlige grønne fjelde. Jeg har altid på den ene side forsøgt at leve op til forventningerne, men på den anden fundet dem kedelige. Hvorfor skal jeg defineres af en mand? Hvorfor begynder livet der, hvor man mødes? Man formes vel også af det der sker før?

Hvorfor kan jeg ikke have et spændende liv der måske på et tidspunkt involverer en partner? Hvorfor skal vi snakke om partnerskab, dating og ægteskab som om de er løsningen på et onde i denne verden? 

Men selvom jeg er glad for mit liv, og de muligheder der langsomt begynder at bydes mig, vågner jeg til perioder, hvor følelsen og den enormt tomme, ekko-fyldte ensomhed fylder mig med længsel efter et partnerskab. En sådan periode er jeg i skrivende stund. Det er der hvor end ikke den mest dybtfølte lovsang kan få mit inderste til ikke at sukke og skabe forvirring i en stund, hvor jeg burde vende mit ansigt mod den Gud jeg tror på. Mit hjerte er flyvsk, og jeg kan ikke styre det. Bønnerne er overfladiske, men enkle: “Jeg har brug for dig, nu. Svar mig!” – Men der er blot rungende tavshed. Jeg ved, du er der. Jeg ved, du hører mig. Jeg ved, du ved bedst. Men det gør så ondt.

Der er en sorg i at miste. Reelt at miste. Der er en sorg i ikke længere at kende. Der er en sorg i det, man troede, man havde brug for, men ikke har. Der er en sorg i det man endnu ikke har, hvor man har mistet al håb. Der er en sorg i håbløsheden. Der er en sorg i livet. Men efter enhver sorg, venter der en trøst. Et håb. Et smil.

Jeg kan tælle på én hånd, de mænd jeg har mødt, hvor min første tanke var, “Wow Gud. Der har du virkelig taget dig tid!” Mindre overfladisk og objektificerende falder den fysiske tiltrækning for mig altid sammen med et godt indtryk af personlighed. Det er lige så meget den venlige natur og medmenneskelige omtanke der får mit hoved til at snurre og hjertet til at stoppe et øjeblik. – Og selvom jeg tror på, at Gud har taget sig tid med alle mennesker, falder tanken altid tilbage på mig selv. Ofte har jeg svært ved at tro, at der nogensinde er nogen der kunne se på mig på den måde. 

Jeg husker en aften, jeg tog hjem fra kirke. Det gik op for mig den dag, at se noget eller nogen som smuk er meget subjektivt. Jeg gik hjem med en følelse af, at det må betyde, at der er nogen derude der tænker sådan om mig, selvom jeg har svært ved at tro på det.

Jeg ser mig selv i Charlotte fra Stolthed og Fordomme mere end nogen anden. Selvom jeg hepper på Jane og Elizabeth, er det Charlotte’s frustrationer med at leve op til samfundets forventninger og leve i skyggen af de smukke Bennett søstre, jeg forstår bedst. Det har altid været en nagende tanke, hvad siger folk om mig bag min ryg? Hun er dygtig, intelligent. Det er bare ærgerligt at hun er så normal. Måske er det en kvindes lod. Et ønske om blot én gang at føle sig smuk. Ikke brudekjole, eventyrligt smuk. Men at se sig selv igennem et andet menneskes øjne. 

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. “

Ecclesiastes 3:11 NIV


16.07.19-19.07.19 – en by med en læge

Mit eget værelse og en storby

Efter en lille forskrækkelse med maven i Mitzpe Ramon var jeg utroligt lettet over at kunne sætte fødderne i Haifa. Med sine 278000+ indbyggere er byen Israels 3. største og muligheden for at komme til en læge var langt større end midt i ørkenen.

Derudover var det lige så billigt at bestille eget værelse, som at få en seng på en sovesal. Det betød at jeg bakkede ind med mine ting på et lille kammer, hvor jeg skulle være i 3 overnatninger.

Verdens mindste metro

Nu er Haifa dog ikke en by med alt for meget at lave. Altså jo, jeg havde Baha’i Gardens som udsigt når jeg ventede på bussen, der var et utal af toppe at udforske, jeg tog en ‘cabel-car’ og så var der noget med Elijah’s hule (som altså, hvis man læser Bibelen korrekt ikke helt geografisk kan passe).

Udsigten fra busstoppestedet

Men hvad gør man, når man ligesom har udtømt byen for kulturelle indslag? Man vender tilbage til ens rejse-bibel: Lonely Planet, og efter at have konfereret med den, fandt jeg ud af, at Haifa var i besiddelse af Israels ENESTE og verdens MINDSTE undergrund! Og det skulle prøves.

Det viser sig, at man er igang med at lave en fancy metro i Tel Aviv, og at man har forsøgt i Jerusalem, men måtte give op og lave en form for letbane istedet, da man fandt arkæologiske fund for hver gang man gravede under byen.

Vi venter på metroen – one way…

Turen var 8 minutter lang og simpelthen “bare” en tur op af en af toppene, hvor man kom op på toppen af Baha’i Gardens.

Men ud over storcentre og nye vandresandaler

Men ud over at jeg (endelig!!) fik købt vandresandaler i et af Haifa’s mange storcentre (første gang jeg fandt reel vestlig lignende shoppe-muligheder), kørte i Cabelcar op af en bjergside og metro på den anden, var der ikke det helt store at opleve i Haifa. Faktisk er det en fantastisk by at tage på ture fra, men det er sådan set også det.

Jeg fortryder ikke dette stop på rejsen, for det bragte noget tiltrængt ro på, men næste gang er der nogle ting i nærområdet jeg hellere vil se end forsøge at få mine 20000 skridt ved at vandre op og ned af Haifa’s mange bjergtoppe.