Many bloggers makes som kind of disclaimer or awareness regarding whether or not a blog is commercial. I have yet to experience the luxury of earning money on blogging. Something that I wouldn’t mind if eventually. But until so far I am not supported in any way. The websites, the restaurants and products I refer to does not give me any money to say nice words about them. What I say is my opinion and no-one else’s.

A friend once asked if I ever disliked someone. And even though I have felt that I didn’t agree I always make an effort to see the good in people. Also places I eat and so forth. I guess I have yet to experience a place where the food is awful and not worth a trip. And when that happens – it will be on the blog!

I hope this will clarify some questions – And no worries the day I do make sponsored blogs it will be clear in the blog! I promise! Until then – enjoy this sponsor free blog and hopefully you’ll be back again, soon. 🙂