Out running. Fantastic day. The sky is blue. The morning breeze is slightly touching my face. The moon is shining freakishly bright. The music is blasting in my head phones … And thats when my phone chooses to take the morning of by stubbornly telling me that it has no more power, when I know for a fact that there is at least about a half to an hours worth of power #thattimeofyear #myphonedoesntlikeacoldbreeze #myphone=anoldladywithitsownmind,  #nothinglikeastubbornphonethatcantakeawaythepleasureofamorningrun, #nothingthatcantbefixedwithloveandheat

I came home from a long day and as a treat I had bought myself one of those freezer pizzas. I had put it in the oven. Watched some series while waiting. Excited about my luck! I love paper pizzas! Anyways, after a while it was finished and as I opened the oven, and tried to sneak out the pizza.. plash… Half on the floor, half on the cutting board! #maaan #isitembarrasingtoadmitIateitanyway?


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