Are you a true Gilmore Girls fan and have yet the pleasure of revisiting the girls and Stars Hollow, this blog might contain spoilers that you do not want to know about. I do however not spoil anything near the whole #4WordPledge-thingy…  Or anything of the storyline for that matter. Don’t worry.. This review is entirely on my experience revisiting a world I have been to many times growing up! 

It has been long anticipated. The air have almost been thick of excitement and expectations have been sky high when talking to the true GG-fans. Myself included btw. I know all 7 seasons by heart and always found season 7 the WORST! The changes and the ending was not the Gilmore Girls series I knew from the beginning. The disappointment and anger have always filled me when reaching towards the end. I hated that Rory had a relationship with Logan for so long. I hated the entire ending. Sweet, but come on… Flat and tasteless. Nothing like the rest of the series.

What I love the most about Gilmore Girls, is the fact that I never had to sit at the edge of my seat to follow along. A thriller is exciting – but to a certain degree. Sometimes it is nice to just be able to sit back. Relax with a cup of something. Maybe knitting meanwhile watching and not having to see the entire season for my curiosity to be satisfied. Gilmore Girls always had that effect on me. I loved the fast speech. Loved to explore the different references the Girls made in the series. And how their entire conversations suddenly would make sense once knowing the different movies or books of which they where referring. I loved the different characters. How the show did not stand alone on how the Gilmore Girls acted, but characters as Kirk, The grandparents, Babett and the gossipers, Luke and Taylor’s fighting and so forth.

The new season is a pleasent re-visit to the streets I almost feel like having walked myself and a town I feel like knowing better than my own back pocket. After so many hours, months and years of frustration over the sudden end of the previous show, the season gives me a long comping closure. I don’t need to know more. I don’t need a revival of the new season. I think the series with this new season have gone full circle, which is more than fine by me. Now, the original season (seasons 1-6 in my account) have some kind of magic. A magic I always wondered whether they would be able to capture again in this new season. I feared that it was far fetched, but was glad when seeing that my fears was not at all met. The magic is still there, and despite the fast talks had lost a little of its speed and quick snappiness the original series had, it did not matter to me. I did miss Sookie, however, and found the storyline a bit weird and out of touch. But knowing that Melissa is a bussy woman I am willing to cut some slack on that account. Once Sookie did appear, I found her voice weirdly VERY different than how Sookie spoke in the original series? Am I the only one who noticed?

Anyway, back to the overall review. I honestly loved how the season took its time to sort of come around every character once connected to the whole Gilmore Girls world and tie the loose ends the original series so annoyingly had left open. I think the season has been beautifully wrapped, and it is definitely a season I will buy and watch as many times as the original series. I admit to have even shed a tear in the end and gasped chokingly once knowing what the whole #4pledgeword was referring to.

Despite it slowly finding its way into the snappy and fast forward moving pace the original series had, I will tell all Gilmore Girls fans that this is a season you really should see. The years have past and that does effect the outcome, but the magic is still there and for that true fans should watch it, live it, breath it and eventually come up for air in a new refreshed manner with a greater manner of closure.


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