Do you know that feeling? You look in your calendar, and a friend – one of those you have no problem calling to – just recently celebrated her birthday. In an instant, your stomach pinches and your brain is going 240 km/h to find out whether or not you called her and congratulated her. I did. I just forgot I did. Like when I forget that I remembered to turn out the stove, but forgot I did. #ManIHateMyBrainSometimes, #WhyIsItSomethingsJustQuetlySlipsOut?

Ok, I admit, Nothing exciting, funny or just amazing happened for me to make a cool and hilarious everyday tales blog. I’ve been busy. You know: Running, applying for jobs, going to seminars and courses, calling random people, volunteering at different things. But nothing out of the ordinary. Well I did eat what seemed like a kilo of bacon at the event I attended yesterday – that was the only thing they served that was glutenfree. Lucky, I LOVE bacon. Which my vegetarian friend was so friendly as to remind me and point out that I had been at the bacon trey for the forth time.. I admit that I sometimes roast bacon just to eat them like chips… #WellI<3 BaconIReallyDo #TheOnlyFoodThatDidn’tChangeAfterGoingGlutenfree, #SorryVegansorVegetariansIRespectYourLifestyleIReallyDo, #UneventfullifeAndStillIBlogAboutIt…

The embarrassment that went over me once I realised that in my recipes I’ve written diary free, instead of dairy free… I mean of course they are diary free. It is kind of like that Libresse commercial where the Danish lady says “stay fairless” when she should have said fearless… #dooooohh, #couldnthelplaughing, #potatopotato, #blameitonthedane!


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