As of 11.26 am yesterday (January the 3rd) I reached the age of 30. My mom bursted out that, now I was a lady. I do not see myself as such – and wonder if I ever will. Besides, I find the Danish word for lady (“Dame”) a tad elderly. Meaning, I honestly thought that one should be of an older age to become a lady. Not 30. And besides, just because I have really reached adulthood, does not mean I have to dress like that. A comment taken out of context I guess.

When I was a kid, I always thought I would have accomplished certain things when I became 30. I thought I would be married, with kids and an adult job. I thought I would dress adultish (I guess that is rather subjective). Maybe a cool car and my own house/apartment. I have neither of these things. I am not even close to being in a relationship (and honestly I do not mind), I don’t have kids (I don’t know if I want them – I mean I kind of like my friends kids. Especially the fact that I can hand them over and go home alone afterwards). I am not in a position of an adult job (Please let that not be for long! I really do want one of those!). I am on my way to a more adult wardrobe – whatever that means. I guess in this case I am referring to that fake leather-skirt I own. When had bought it and I showed it of to my mother I joyously announced that this was my “adult skirt”. I do not have a car (but I do want one of them hybrids… ). And I still rent rooms.

Life is not what I once imagined. But I guess that is lucky me. Because if life was what I imagined, there would be worlds in our stomachs for each food-group so the food we ate could play with each other in our stomachs. Or I would be married to some of all the major crushes I once had (Oh, please don’t make me relive those) and I would have twins (I once wished I would be one of those twin parents…). Truthfully, I am quite content with life as it is. There are areas I am working on (cough *In need of a job* cough). And despite the fact that it did take me time to come to grips with the fact that I no longer was a young adult and suddenly more than ever had to step up and be adult (because I definitely wasn’t adult before (sense the hint of irony)), I love life as it is right now.

So cheers to life, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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