It had already been a productive day. Job-applications had been sent. Important mails had been answered. Job-log was up-to-date. Clothes was washed and hang to dry or was yet to be folded. I had been out running this morning. And then, I was sitting in my couch surrounded by clean clothes, ready to begin reading my professional relevant reading material. I mean – just because I am unemployed (and really, really want a job), it doesn’t mean that learning have to stop. On that note, I also follow different online courses. All in all, productive in the process of getting my first adult job. A regular day for me. Sometimes I sit at the library, in the effort of getting things done.

I am privileged. I live in a country where we still get support to get an education. And find a relevant job. There are few who do misuse the system, but else, I find it works really well. I have the time to go to relevant seminars. Network. Do internships. And so forth. When slightly looking at the American system, and considering my own situation, I honestly do not want to be american. I love how the Danish system looks out for the weak in the society. How we get a chance to find a relevant job. Educate. Where escaping one’s social heritage does not have to be a fight about all or nothing, but can be done through educating oneself. Getting a different job than what one’s parents had. I for one do not want to be a teacher (sorry Mom) or a carpenter. I admire my parents. My father build up his own company. My mother educated further and got a degree in something teacher-ish that I cannot remember. They were/are intelligent in their own ways. So I am lucky. I grew up in a country where I did not have to be a teacher because my mother is. I can go my own ways. Have my own opinions. My own beliefs.

I once met a woman from the USA. Interesting talks we had, but she personally shot down the Danish society saying that it would not last for long. “How old is it? A couple of decades?”. I remember sitting in disbelief thinking, that first and foremost it was a tad older than just a couple of decades and by the way, I would not change it to yours. I can scarcely understand how one can argue for a society-system where the “fittest will survive”. I find that inhumane in some ways. I can understand that one learns to take care of oneself and does not rely on the society to help. But I like that there always is something to fall back on, and not fall out of society completely. That help is always around the corner.

These days where change are revealing itself in the choices made by the Danish government – a government that seems to want the American society instead of the one we already have. These days, I am reminded about all the opportunities I have and have had – all opportunities I wouldn’t have in the system the government wishes for. I am lucky – I have had the chance to get an education I am passionated about. I have been able to challenge my inner nerd with subjects of how society deals with religion. How people deals with religion. The different religious affiliations. The Middle Eastern Society in its different perspectives. I have had the chance to spent the time needed to find a relevant job. I will have the possibility to contribute to society and give back in a job I will love and be passionated about. Without having to fight over money. The system in Denmark is not perfect and need adjusting. But oh, the stomach ache when looking at the changes already made and changes that are about to come. Changes have to happen. But stop ruining the system. Make it better. Make improvements. Stop thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Because from where I stand, it is not.

I am already on the right side…


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