When a friend and I made the promise not to watch more than the first episode of the new season of Gilmore Girls and watch the rest of the season together, I thought; ‘big deal’. The day after the season had premiered on Netflix the only message my friend got was “SORRY”. #NoooBackbone #TheFourWordPledge #YESIKnowWhatTheFourWordsIs #EvenTheDudePlayingDeanIsTeamJess  #TEAMJESS #GoHomeLogan

Got a free ticket to see a play at a theatre nearby. You of course says yes to such a thing especially if it’s free. In the middle of the play, suddenly someone got sick. The actors stopped the play, and one of the actors quietly asked: “Is there a doctor present?”. A doctor rose and helped the person, which by the way got better afterwards. Drama drama. And on a regular Wednesday evening. #BetterThanAtHomeInFrontOfTheTelly #ILoveFreeThings #ImpulsivityIsKingCouplethingiesGoHome

Oh, how I love Christmas. Christmas calendars on television. Tivoli. Glögg. The food. But oh my. This year there is 5 different Christmas calendars beginning from 4.30 pm on telly. Thus, it is not the present shopping stressing me out. It is actually making it through all 4 I have decided to see….  #ChristmasIsHygge, #ChristmasCalenderStress.

Became a dog-owner for a week when my sisters dog overtook my home and everyday life. I once wanted a dog. Now, I don’t really know. I know that when she’s gone in about a weeks time I’m going to miss having a dog. But now, I just want to be able to slumber without worrying that she’s sleeping in pee and dog-poo #thePerksOfHavingADog, #DogLadyForAWeek #ChihuahuaCuteness #I’mAnnoyingIKnow


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