We are in the last season of the year. Christmas is just around the corner and so is a brand new year! At this time of year, I always wonder. Wonder about how much time has passed. That a whole new year is waiting. Brand new and with new possibilities. I’ve never given much for new year resolutions. Instead I focus on goals, new adventures. I love how the future is unknown and to dream of what it might contain. As important I find it to look back and enjoy the many good things the year of 2016 have given me, as important I find it to enjoy the possibilities of the new year.

2016 brought me my first whole year in Copenhagen. It has been an amazing year in Copenhagen, but not without the feeling of loneliness, self-searching regarding where I am in life and sorrow. 2016 was also the year I finished my Master’s Degree and entered into the world of unemployment. A world I find boring and would very much like to get a job – SOON! I’ve been to Barcelona and London in 2016 and I’ve attended 3 bachelorette parties and weddings (not like the summer I attended 7-9).

2017 is going to bring me to Atlanta, Georgia. I am visiting friends and looking so much forward! It is a trip that is going to bring me into the new year broke, but whatever. What is life without challenges. 2017 is maybe the year me and my siblings are taking our “father-weekend” to Paris. Me and my siblings lost our father 3-4 years ago around january and the weekend closest to his birthday we try to go on a trip and travel. Dad always said he wish he could give us all a bag of money ment for traveling only. So, we honor his memory by traveling – or we make an effort to. And then there is a wedding waiting in the new year. Oh, I am looking forward to that. My good friend is getting married and I will be there!

In 2017 my goals is to: Run a half-marathon. Get a job. Begin to arabic (eeeexpensive). And paying tithe of all income before taxes (this requires and deserves its own entry).

Wish me luck in 2017. Do you have goals and dreams for the new year? Please do not hesitate to share with me! 🙂


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