Ok, so I had planned to review the newest season of Gilmore Girls, but as it is Christmas, I thought it was in the holiday spirit to share with you my all-time favourite movies / series that I consider Christmassy and traditional instead. My review of the GG girls will come, and has been on its way for some time, so don’t worry. Stay tuned till in 2 weeks time. Until so far, here is my Top 5 Christmas classics anno 2016.

5. Hollywood-Christmas-Cheesy-Movies: We all know them. The good guys always gets each other in the end and the theme is surrounding the holiday spirit. Sometimes it is the greediness and wanting more that needs to be delt with, other times it is lonelyness – but they always involve someone being rude to the one they initially end up fiercely kissing in the end. The Christmas Hollywood movies. I don’t watch them – but if one of these types of movies do not play in the background when my sister and I are hanging out in this month, something is wrong. I guess there something hollydayish by watching something you don’t have to spend braincells figuring out. But for me it is mostly the company I enjoy.

4. The “Home Alone” franchise: Christmas classic that always is on television in this time of year. Actually, I almost know the franchise of this movie by heart and get so tired of them already after having seen them. But they are traditional around this time of year. Sitting with the family wondering what on earth is going on in this family to have forgotten their child twice. Their learning curve seems steep, but to the great entertainment to us. It is nice, however, that this movie only comes around in december. Then you have an entire year to forget and enjoy during december next year.

3. Rise of the Guardians: If you are a tad slow, it probably haven’t caught you that I looooove cartoons! So, when I saw this last year, it immediately became a Christmas favourite. Every holiday season is represented in a sweet movie, reminding us all that we all have a part to play in life. If you have jet to see this movie, then do yourself a favour and see it. If you are just a little like me, you will love it. I especially love how Santa Clause is this russian fellow, the Easter bunny is an australlian-accent rabbit who do not like to be called a kangaroo and the tooth fairy is a canary-looking woman who have a weird, overly excitement about teeth especially if gum followed it.

2. Winnie The Pooh – Christmas Holiday: I have always been a sucker for the little pooh-bear and his friends. As a kid I found them funny – and I still do as an adult, just for different reasons. It is difficult to explain why. I guess, if you’ve seen the old versions of Winnie the Pooh and still can’t imagine anyone finding them funny, then you will never know why. But after having found the childish joy of spending time with Pooh and his friends, a specific Christmas movie have found its way to my dvd-player quite often. It has it all humour, love, sweat aorh-moments and the childish joy of Christmas.

1. Classic Christmas TV-calenders: This year there is 6 or so TV shows, and with a great ambition to follow at least 4 of them, I admit to have fallen behind on everyone of the series and even abandoned one of them in pure despite. We have a classic called “Pyrus”, a Christmas series about elfs living in a old record office and where weird things happens – usually Pyrus (elf) destroying Christmas unintentionally. On another channel Elf-Gang on Greenland or “Nissebanden på Grønland” are trying to help Santa safe Christmas. (Because in Denmark, Santa does not live on the North Pole – but in Greenland). These two series are a tad old, but classics that I really do enjoy watching. The last two I had intended to follow are a bit new, but one of them are too much like the series “Once Upon A Time” and therefore, it has found the difficulty to connect Christmas and disappearing into a fairytale world a bit difficult. Furthermore, when one compares between “Once Upon a Time” and this new one, I’d much rather see Once Upon a Time and avoid the teen-franchy that seems going on. Annoying!!! The other one is sweat, about how santa clause is coming to a convent and helps out some kids solving the mystery the convent holds. It is sweat and kind of scary sometimes, but I do fall behind because it honestly never really caught me. But Christmas TV-calenders are a must in this time of year, so on the list it shall be.


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