In a little place on Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen is an all vegan and vegetarian restaurant that happens to be glutenfree as well. It is so little you might not notice when racing by on your bike. The place is driven by a passionated owner, presenting every delivered meal. On the menu there is not that many possibilities, but the few dishes there is, is perfectly made. Delicious. And if you like me avoid gluten or milk, it is not the place where you have to think twice about what to choose. I have still the pleasure to try gourmet food, but this is honestly what I imagined it would be like. And despite the place being vegan I did not miss meat at any point of the evening. I actually quite enjoyed being able to eat anything of the menu! Despite this being evident as it is a vegan place – I asked about the milk and gluten to be sure.

All in all, everything was a good experience and the dishes did look like a piece of art in themselves, but the waiting was quite long. It is not the place to go if you are hangry or on your way there. Actually that would be a shame for the food served as well as for you. The food is not something you just swallow down. It is to be enjoyed together with a good friend or on a date. I would not mind if a date took me here. Another perspective is, that it is a quite expensive place. One main dish cost above 150 kr alone. But this does not hinder me from returning. This place is somewhere you go to treat yourself and a friend. Not in order to have a regular dinner.

So, if you want to pamper your partner, this is the place to go! Ask the waiter/owner about the menu or wine and he will know everything! I mean it: He knows everything!

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