3rd of August: Despite temptation, I felt relieved once the tithe-money was of my account. My new method has given me some freedom, because it brings awareness as to how much I have to spend on food. Plus it helps that I am not commuting these weeks. I find it easier finding the cheapest way out, when not feeling sorry for myself having to take the train back home, thus, allowing myself to buy expensive coffee or snacks. Furthermore, my Rema1000 Vigo-plan (sorry, only in Danish) is also helping out. To sum up, I basically made a deal with myself to not to buy candy or chips or coffee unless I have helped out via this Danish app where you bring out groceries for people who can’t pick them up themselves. It is so much easier to tell yourself not to buy stuff when you remind yourself what you have to do in order to give in to your fantasy-hunger for sugar and chips. Suddenly I can stand there in the store telling myself that I don’t need it anyway. I hope this feeling will expand to the Kat-Marly-Cranky-Where-Is-My-Evening-Snacks-personality?

20th of August: It is not that I have everything in control regarding economy. But these days I find my mindset being different. By having focused on the way money control me and actually having a budget that will help me, not only now but in my future as well, money does not have the same hold of my life as it used to. I do not worry as much, because I know it’ll be alright in the end. Despite making a lot of plans and restrictions to the way I spend my money, I find that the only true way I can help my future self, is to learn from my past mistakes, and move forward. Despite not having the same freedom as many others have, I am not poor. I am just in a season where money is scares and I have to not loose focus on whats important. Its a process, and some day it will be easier to not give in to my impulsive needs and keep focus on future-importances.


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