6th of March, 2017: Giving was very easy this month. Actually, despite having foreseen a very dull month due to financial shortage, I have enjoyed life. Unfortunately it was the month my phone decided to go dark on me and I suddenly needed to have it fixed. But, because of savings and careful spending, that was fixable too. But what have surprised me the most is that I did not think twice about giving. I had to – that’s the deal – and I am glad to. The church is a bit more my church when you not only invests time in it – but also invests financially.

I am not going to lie to you. It still annoys me not having the possibility to think freely and I still frequently say to myself, “When I get my first job I need to fix/buy this”. The list is endless but whenever someone asks specifically what I want, I suddenly find it difficult to remember again. And I guess that’s it. I don’t need whatever it is I pointed at about a week ago, if I can’t remember it a week after. Despite everything, I really need a job. I really do. I am going insane. INSANE! But, that’s another blog.
My trip to Atlanta had me thinking about generosity also. My friends are generous, and they inspired me on that note as well. In my travel into a life less determined by greed, a generous life is a good way to drive off as well. My brother has always been good at this, whereas I become a ‘miserly’ old lady inside. I hate that. I want to be able to spend money on people I love, people I care about and be able to support them when they need it. I loved just telling my brother yesterday at a café, that I was going to pay for this. I will have to have my eyes and mind open for opportunities in that section, and my inner miserly old lady kept quiet.

20th of March, 2017: As easy it has been to give this month, as difficult its been to keep reason in my finances. I was proud of myself in the beginning of the month, but as time went the more my normal act of spending with my eyes shut came to the surface. It is times like these where I look back on this month and wonder what would have happened, if I had actually spend with reason. But a new possibility to do better is coming up and I am looking forward to the possibility. I guess it is only when I spend with reason in my personal finances that I can live generously towards the people I care about.


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