Previously, going on an adventure was the same as going out travelling. And, while I loooove travelling, the true adventure I find to be life.

This hasn’t always been so. Once, struck by a mild depression I developed a tendency to only go out of my front door, if I knew what lie ahead of me. That meant I did not go anywhere I did not know where was. Because of this, I became more and more depressed until I broke the circle and stepped out of the door despite not knowing what the day brought. This particular day, I went to my first ever festival with a good friend.

Since, I’ve always loved challenging myself. Going where I hadn’t been, doing something I never thought I could. Once, I could not imagine myself finishing my Master’s and now I’m unemployed with a Master’s Degree. I could not going to seminars and conferences alone, now that is the way I network and get in touch with people who can help me find a job.

When I moved to Copenhagen and left my world and life in Aarhus behind, it was yet another adventure to embark upon. Building up a new network. Meet new people. New church. It has not all been peachy and (glutenfree and dairy free) strawberry pies. But if there is not doubt or that aching feeling in my stomach, it is not a true adventure.

To me, an adventure is not travelling only. Adventures is when I have to overcome myself, go down a road and do something I never thought I could.

Today, one of my new adventure is to find employment. A long, and sometimes frustrating, road is ahead of me before I can find a job. But until then I find adventures in the smallest things. Voluntary job. Training towards a half-marathon. Reading 100 books in a year. I guess I find life boring without a challenge to fiddle with.


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