I’ve always hated bloggers’ help lists. As if I couldn’t have figured that out on my own? But one of my favourite bloggers made a checklist for travelling. you know one of those cross-off while packing, and I kind of liked it. What I’m trying to say is, that you probably already have your way of making sure traveling is not a bitch when trying to stay gluten- and dairy free. I know I have mine, and I want to share it with you. If you have any good ideas and tips, don’t refrain from sharing them with me – maybe I will make a fancy travel-list some day! ;).

1. Research: Make a list of restaurants, cafés and supermarkets that may sell gluten- and dairy free products.
2. Packing: If you go by plain – pack food in the luggage you check in that can survive a long plain-trip. I usually pack crackers, rice-cakes and nuts. Food that is dry and does not need a fridge. Other types of transport: Not that difficult to pack some food, nuts, fruit and other things that will silence the small hunger until arriving at your destination.
3. On the way: Bring packed lunch for the waiting in the airport or the long bus-ride.
4. Checked in: Go for a trip downtown to the nearest supermarket and buy fruit and what else you can find that can help you while checking out possible eating locations.
5. Holiday: Go for an adventure. Do not be afraid of asking for whatever allergic specifications you need. Usually everybody loves a paying customer and is willing to go far to make sure you can eat at their restaurant/Café as well.

Have a safe trip.


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