Next week, I am going on an adventure. And I am super excited about this. I am going to the US and visit a couple of friends of mine living in Atlanta, Georgia at the moment. I cannot wait, even though I have literally postponed all unnecessary preparations until the last minute. A pile of clothes is already to be packed on my chair. The last arrangements are being made. Documents printed. Downloading of books and audio-books.

A little butterfly is tumbling around in my stomach and I am incredibly nervous and excited. I have never had the pleasure to visit the US, and visiting good friends seems like the perfect opportunity! I have always been curious about other cultures – there is a reason why I’ve studied Middle East Studies and Study of Religion.

But first, a celebration of love between two amazing people are being held in this weekend and I am attending. It is a small journey on 3-4 hours, but what don’t you do for friends. I am wondering whether to give a small speech. We’ll see.

So, all in all, many things are about to happen. Most of all, I am looking forward to press pause from the frustration of looking for a job and enjoy life for a little while before life calls again.

Hope you all are doing well, wherever you are reading from. Have a nice weekend.


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