The small basement based, yet warm and cozy café placed in Copenhagen N offers a great variety of different things to those of us who either eat vegan, vegetarian or glutenfree. Personally, I have been looking for a place where I could go and treat myself with cake that was glutenfree and milkfree. Kind of a demanding request – I know! Cake is often only glutenfree, because diary free cake isn’t the easiest thing to make if you aren’t used to it. But this Vegan/vegetarian place is definitely an exception. I have tried different cake’s and have not yet left the place disappointed. Often when they post a new glutenfree, diary free variation to a cake on instagram, I jump on my bike and race down there just in order to try it out.

The place is “hyggelig” as we say in Danish. I love it’s old fashion style in furniture and porcelain. How you can sit for hours just working, eating cake and drinking the. The staff is often friendly and always able to give different recommendations or answer any allergene question one may have. The café also have a possibility making some lunch menus glutenfree. But the cakes is most definitely worth a trip to the café.

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