I am passionated about meeting everyone equally. Despite differences. Despite diverse worldviews. I’ve written about this before in the blog “A religious affiliation = A radical worldview?“, where I discuss the fright of religion that seems to be inflicting the Danish society. However, time and time again I meet “those people”. Those people who almost give me that sight look of disgust, when learning that I do believe in something higher than myself. I believe in a higher, intelligent power who created us all. I haven’t found any other explanation for the ultimate creation of this world. Why I am here.

I haven’t found any other explanation for all the crazy things that have happened in my life, which all bare the witness of someone watching out for me.

Now, this does not mean that you cannot talk to me as you do with any other normal human being. It does mean that I would love it if you came to the same conclusion as I. Because, fact is, this is what I believe to be the ultimate truth and I want any of my non-religious friends along with me.

What kind of a believer would I be, if I didn’t want everyone of my family, my friends or my friends boyfriends or girlfriends to see and ultimately believe what I do so that everyone of them could be saved?

It wouldn’t be in the line of the love, compassion and charity I have experienced from the God I believe in. Think about it. Don’t you think, that the world would be better of, if everyone in the world was convinced of the very thing you find to be the ultimate truth to be true? Then what is wrong, when I think in the same line of thought about the religious worldview I affiliate with? This is truly my inner argument when I meat someone I know not to be the believer I am. Not that I want to tell everyone how they should live their lives. I kind of just want to bring them in front of God, and let him about that.

This obviously mean, that when meeting me, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that I am a believer. You probably would think of me as a common woman with a common mind and life as the norm dictates. It is only when you take the time and patience of going past the layers of masks of how I want you to see me, that I will reveal that to you – and the side people would call lunatic. Because, I know what you might think. I know what most would think of me. I know the arguments. The discussions we would have. I am not sure if you see my predicament. On the one hand, I want the world to be saved. On the other, I want to be able to actually co-exist with people who don’t see the world as I do. In common respect and to be met equally.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. In the world we have today, society dictates a fright of religion and those who follow a religious worldview.

People like me are pressured under the falls pretences that we force upon others a worldview and a way of life. Thus, I am being looked down upon. Being considered lower than anyone else. Only because I do not follow the religion of the norm: Either to believe that there is no God or to believe in science as the only thing explaining the big questions. But if I am to respect you – aren’t you supposed to respect mine as well? If I am to listen to your worldview? Why is it you should under no circumstances to listen to mine?

I might be alien to you and it might seem like I just want to force a worldview upon you. Truthfully, I do not. But, again, what kind of a human being would I be, if I did not want to share the greatest treasure I have ever found with you? So don’t be scared. Don’t reject me as a mer worldview forced upon you. See it for what it really is: Compassion. And stop this ridiculous scare of religion.


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