Kong Christian 4   centrepiece

When you are enjoying a rare guided tour in Børsen, Copenhagen and suddenly, King
Christian 4th appears. Fun fact, Christian 4th build Børsen … in the 1620s… Btw,
that will be my future fireplace in that future castle I’m going to live in when
I find a millionaire…

Sis, Miyaki & Naomi Naomi & Miyaki

Spent some quality time with my awesome sister and her two beautiful Chihuahuas last Saturday. Fall is just a beautiful time of year!

Pumpkin-man  Halloween_tivoli

When I grew up, I did not know what Halloween even was. Now Tivoli opens once a year especially dressed for that very occasion. I love tivoli, so any excuse to visit the place right?
so to spend time in Tivoli, with a childhood friend and her sweet, amazing daughter – that’s
a afternoon well spent!


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