At this moment on Sidereel, I follow 21 series. So, I guess it’s safe to say that I looove series and this time I will review BBC’s series The Musketeers.

It is the same classic story almost a hundred of movies have, more or less successfully tried to capture. The four cocky gentlemen that makes dangerously beautiful sword fighting seem so easy and careless. The very reason that so many movies have tried to capture this story before this series, made me avoid the show completely for quite some time. However, a boring afternoon, where all the usual series didn’t seem to amuse me, I did try it, and two seasons after I am still hooked.

the first season was amazingly caching and I came to like the characters a lot. I am a hugh Peter Capaldi fan and seeing him being a character you come to despise and hate, reveals his major talent beyond that of playing Doctor Who. The second season almost gave me an ulcer. Oh, how I love and hate those stories that makes you want to use all night to watch all ten episode to know if the ongoing hopelessness will turn in favour of the good guys. And I admit, I did watch the finale episode after watching only the first two episodes. The bad guy in the second season was so convincingly bad, that I, in order to stay sane, needed some hope to hang on to. All in all a good show.

However, to some point I do wonder how it came to be that I wooded for the guys who was committing adultery and kills of characters just in order to make an impossible relationship possible. It is just fiction, but after two season I think it will be a necessary break for my nerves and my moral values.

All in all I will give the show 4,5 star. It is really good, but not the show I would race home to see. It do become monotonous, which I guess is just a sign of me having watched the show too quickly. But, I do highly recommend the show.

The two first seasons are on Netflix and episodes from the third season are already on aired in Canada.


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