This is my very first every day tales on my very own blog! Yibiii yay! #noregrets #Iloveblogging

I’ve found that the very essens of a perfect mother-daughter relationship lies within mastering the “manipulation”-category. For instance, when daughter gives ideas as to what mother should read next well-knowing that these very books soon will be on the daughters own shelves, because mother elsewise would throw the books in the bin. Instead daughter will give them a new, happy home. #nevertooold #noregrets #thankyoumom

If a timemachine ever was invented I would go back in time and tell young Kat Marly that she should spend more time enjoying the careless life of a child and not strive so eagerly to become an adult. #beinganadultmakesyoubiteyournailsinnervousity #theadultlifeequalsresponsibility #Iamnotreadyyet #progressisnotfunny


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