I have literally tried any type of diary-free ice-cream, but none as good as this one. It is one of the Danish Fitness / healthy food-guru’s that made this once in TV, and I just have to share this recipe with anyone who wants to listen! IT IS AMAZING. If you are a Dane – look here. To those of you who don’t understand Danish, I will translate. It is made by Michelle Kristensen and she has a lot of amazing ideas and easy recipes! I loooove this! 3 frozen bananas is put in a blender together with 0,5 dl almond milk, 2 fresh dates (remove stone) and 1 teaspoon peanutbutter. Blend it all and eat!! It is amazing and I simply cannot get enough! The other day I included some frozen berries and it did not destroy the ice-cream. Hopefully you will love this ice-cream as much as me.. and do check out her site! She is amazing!

Another amazing version of an ice-cream is blending frozen fruit with a tad of sucker free sucker and coconut-milk from can. Top it with different things a voila. Another creamy amazing ice-cream – sucker free even (except for the sucker in the fruit).


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