For future reference: Do not watch a Russian Ballet without checking up on the story beforehand. It does one no good going in from the streets and watching that kind of thing. #TheSwanLake, #RussianBallet, #ItWasWeirdlyInterestingAndBeautifulToo.

Catching up on my French. I had the language in school and lately I’ve been quite annoyed that I did not learn it completely – because: Job-hunting. So, I am watching Winnie The Pooh – with french subtitles. #BestWayForward, #INowKnowHowToSayHoneyInFrench, #MielIfYouWereInDoubt.

I am however, a lot more successful in brushing up my Arabic. I am having an oddly great self-confidence after reading the first page in the kids book about Ali Baba and the robbers. #ChildrensBooksAreTheBestWayToLearnALanguage,

Dear walker, one does not make a solid argument when you approach me by making minor sexual assaults because you find me doing something wrong. It makes you creepy, and it does not have the impact you think. #Eeeeeew, #HeAlmostTouchedMyBoop, #KeepYourBodyAwayFromMe, #NoWonderIWantedToBikeOnTheSidewalkToGETAWAYFROMYOUCreepyMan!

And, on that note. When you, dear biker, decide to yell at someone random, after that someone was trying to pass by other bikers and thus, could not make you pass first. Do not be a coward and bike as fast as you can away after the fact. Be a strong, independent woman! Stop and take the fight or bite your words! #ForOnceIWasTheOneBeingRight, #Idiot, #IHaveBikersTrauma, #BikersInCopenhagenAreInsane, #UnfortunatelyMyselfIncluded.


6th of March, 2017: Giving was very easy this month. Actually, despite having foreseen a very dull month due to financial shortage, I have enjoyed life. Unfortunately it was the month my phone decided to go dark on me and I suddenly needed to have it fixed. But, because of savings and careful spending, that was fixable too. But what have surprised me the most is that I did not think twice about giving. I had to – that’s the deal – and I am glad to. The church is a bit more my church when you not only invests time in it – but also invests financially.

I am not going to lie to you. It still annoys me not having the possibility to think freely and I still frequently say to myself, “When I get my first job I need to fix/buy this”. The list is endless but whenever someone asks specifically what I want, I suddenly find it difficult to remember again. And I guess that’s it. I don’t need whatever it is I pointed at about a week ago, if I can’t remember it a week after. Despite everything, I really need a job. I really do. I am going insane. INSANE! But, that’s another blog.
My trip to Atlanta had me thinking about generosity also. My friends are generous, and they inspired me on that note as well. In my travel into a life less determined by greed, a generous life is a good way to drive off as well. My brother has always been good at this, whereas I become a ‘miserly’ old lady inside. I hate that. I want to be able to spend money on people I love, people I care about and be able to support them when they need it. I loved just telling my brother yesterday at a café, that I was going to pay for this. I will have to have my eyes and mind open for opportunities in that section, and my inner miserly old lady kept quiet.

20th of March, 2017: As easy it has been to give this month, as difficult its been to keep reason in my finances. I was proud of myself in the beginning of the month, but as time went the more my normal act of spending with my eyes shut came to the surface. It is times like these where I look back on this month and wonder what would have happened, if I had actually spend with reason. But a new possibility to do better is coming up and I am looking forward to the possibility. I guess it is only when I spend with reason in my personal finances that I can live generously towards the people I care about.


Previously, going on an adventure was the same as going out travelling. And, while I loooove travelling, the true adventure I find to be life.

This hasn’t always been so. Once, struck by a mild depression I developed a tendency to only go out of my front door, if I knew what lie ahead of me. That meant I did not go anywhere I did not know where was. Because of this, I became more and more depressed until I broke the circle and stepped out of the door despite not knowing what the day brought. This particular day, I went to my first ever festival with a good friend.

Since, I’ve always loved challenging myself. Going where I hadn’t been, doing something I never thought I could. Once, I could not imagine myself finishing my Master’s and now I’m unemployed with a Master’s Degree. I could not going to seminars and conferences alone, now that is the way I network and get in touch with people who can help me find a job.

When I moved to Copenhagen and left my world and life in Aarhus behind, it was yet another adventure to embark upon. Building up a new network. Meet new people. New church. It has not all been peachy and (glutenfree and dairy free) strawberry pies. But if there is not doubt or that aching feeling in my stomach, it is not a true adventure.

To me, an adventure is not travelling only. Adventures is when I have to overcome myself, go down a road and do something I never thought I could.

Today, one of my new adventure is to find employment. A long, and sometimes frustrating, road is ahead of me before I can find a job. But until then I find adventures in the smallest things. Voluntary job. Training towards a half-marathon. Reading 100 books in a year. I guess I find life boring without a challenge to fiddle with.


“One is Danish first, and then you can be whatever you want”, said a Danish politician, at a conference held in Vartov some weeks ago. That statement stayed with me. The thing is, I never considered myself Danish first. Of course, I consider myself Danish. Just not firstly. A rapid, alert and bright answer from another member at the panel debate followed, “I consider myself human first…” and the crowed laughed. To me being human is not a religiously neutral way of life. Me considering myself human, means that I consider myself created in God’s image. Thus, I guess I consider myself Christian first. Followed thereafter by nationality, culture and so forth. So where lies the problem really?

The problem lies with the fear of religion. The fear of people believing in something so much, they are willing to put their believe-system before anything else. And now, dear reader you probably turn your attention towards Muslims and Islam. Because in Western societies, that is the religion we fear. We fear the consequences of allowing a minority in our societies to believe. We fear what the parallel societies may do to our culture. But despite the fact that Christian believers may not be as many considering the size of the Danish population for instance, we are a big group. And we too, in some sense make parallel societies. We sometimes speak “a different language” despite doing it in Danish. What I am trying to make you – reader – understand is the clash between two worlds. The Danish politicians talk about parallel societies, poor integration into Danish society and then they point their fingers discreetly towards other religious groups. Truth is, considering what I experience to be the norm amongst “common Danes” I might also be poorly integrated. I speak Danish, I know the history, I understand the culture. I just choose not to akt like everyone else and sometimes speak differently. Because I believe in something bigger than culture and language.

I have a lot of friends who accepts me for who I am, and most of them have never really told me how I am supposed to act. But, sometimes. Every now and again I see the ugly face of Religion-Fear. It creeps into people who don’t know me and hears of my very religious behaviour without knowing me.

I experience that I “muzzle” myself, so to speak. There are certain things I do not touch upon when I am with people who does not know me as well. Certain ways of saying things that I refrain from whenever I am with people who wouldn’t understand.

And, that is when I feel it. Society does not want me to be myself. At the utmost, I shall be what the norm dictates. Sit back and listen to what the atheist say – without defending myself. In fear of what religion could do to our society, I fear that we have created our own sense of freedom of speech. A freedom where you can say certain things – while others will be frowned upon. Luckily, I don’t care. I know my freedom in a country as Denmark, and I will be loyal to the society which have given me so much. But if the same society keeps pushing me over the edge. Keeps pointing fingers at me while saying I am not allowed to be me, I’m not sure that loyalty will stick. In my life I have made an honest attempt as not to tell others how they should live their lifes, but this does not go the other way around. I often have an experience of people telling me how I should live, muzzling me. The thing is, that we in Denmark are raised to believe that we can go in whatever way we want – as long as it does not interfere or disrupt in other peoples life-paths in a terrorising and destructive way. So, of course the result will be a population with different sets of believes and ways of thinking. A multi-culturality we cannot ignore.

Of course new things, worldviews and so forth are frightening. Once upon a time men believed that women was only to their pleasure and it was dangerous to let them vote – look at us now. Right now, in the US there are miners who are afraid of what will happen if their jobs are no longer. Afraid of the new path and clutching on to something they already know, in fear of the day they have to face new possibilities. I don’t know their situation exactly, but their situation made me think about us today. In Denmark. Maybe the fear of the unknown are overshadowing the many good possibilities in allowing different cultures to thrive. Sometimes the best step to take – is that step into the unknown. Maybe its time to start opening up to get to know each others instead of fearing each others. Maybe its time to stop fearing religion and start fearing the actual enemy of our society: the naive idea that just because I am not Dane first, and confide in a religion I am an enemy to our society.



Som om en eller anden på TV2’s redaktion havde haft en forudanelse om dagens begivenheder, havde TV2 udgivet en artikel der fik mig til at grine og mindes den mand som var min morfar. “Derfor drejer verdens største fragtfirma (næsten) aldrig til venstre“, mindede mig om, min morfars erklæring om, at han ikke drejede til venstre og kun til højre. Jeg ved ikke om hans argumenter var de samme som UPS. Men dengang morede det os i min familie. Denne dag blev denne artikel et lille minde om en mand der altid havde en besynderlige idéer, men altid kun ville os det bedste. Også selvom man ikke altid forstod hvad det så var. Denne morgen erfarede jeg, at min Morfar var død.

Døden syntes at have taget sit indtog i mit liv på mange måder. Det er som om man ser dens triste manifestation i ens liv mere tydeligt, når man selv har haft den tæt inde på livet. For mit vedkommende er det over 4 år siden, jeg mistede min egen far til en blodprop i hjertet. Han blev kun 50 år.

Jeg husker min morfars sammensunkne væsen siddende i sin bils passagersæde, alt imens jeg drønede i deres lille røde lyn. For sådan var det typisk hvis mormor og morfar skulle besøges. Morfar hentede mig ved stationen og jeg kørte bilen. En gang kom jeg til at køre over for rødt – eller taxa rødt som vi kalder det. Jeg husker tydeligt at vende mig og sige “Undskyld Morfar”, hvortil hans svar var, “vi er alle sammen syndere”.

Og sådan er der sikkert flere minder der kunne nævnes om denne, for dig, kære læser, ubetydelige mand. Mit sidste besøg hos mine bedsteforældre, bemærkede jeg en forandring hos dem. Min meget magre morfar var bundet til en hospitalsseng grundet mange forskellige ting. Da morfar slog øjnene op denne dag, mødte hans blik min mormors og hans ansigt lyste op. Han rakte hånden ud mod min mormors ansigt, aede den mens han indtrængende spurgte til, hvordan hun havde sovet. Min bror, min mor og mig selv stod som naglet ved døråbningen. På et tidspunkt kiggede jeg væk, for – det var vel et privat og intimt øjeblik.

Jeg tror på at der er mange gode ting i vente for min mormors fremtid – en kvinde jeg beundrer dybt. Men lige denne weekend, var der en mørk sky ind over vores liv – om vi var enige med ham eller ej. Dødens grumme tag havde endnu engang prikket til mit liv selvom det ikke var lige så chokerende en oplevelse som med min far.

Farvel Morfar.


I’ve always hated bloggers’ help lists. As if I couldn’t have figured that out on my own? But one of my favourite bloggers made a checklist for travelling. you know one of those cross-off while packing, and I kind of liked it. What I’m trying to say is, that you probably already have your way of making sure traveling is not a bitch when trying to stay gluten- and dairy free. I know I have mine, and I want to share it with you. If you have any good ideas and tips, don’t refrain from sharing them with me – maybe I will make a fancy travel-list some day! ;).

1. Research: Make a list of restaurants, cafés and supermarkets that may sell gluten- and dairy free products.
2. Packing: If you go by plain – pack food in the luggage you check in that can survive a long plain-trip. I usually pack crackers, rice-cakes and nuts. Food that is dry and does not need a fridge. Other types of transport: Not that difficult to pack some food, nuts, fruit and other things that will silence the small hunger until arriving at your destination.
3. On the way: Bring packed lunch for the waiting in the airport or the long bus-ride.
4. Checked in: Go for a trip downtown to the nearest supermarket and buy fruit and what else you can find that can help you while checking out possible eating locations.
5. Holiday: Go for an adventure. Do not be afraid of asking for whatever allergic specifications you need. Usually everybody loves a paying customer and is willing to go far to make sure you can eat at their restaurant/Café as well.

Have a safe trip.


As I suddenly found myself, for the first time ever, in the Chicago Airport waiting for my last plane to Atlanta, I was first of all reminded why I should travel more often. All my worries and insecurities was gone. I was well-balanced. No questions asked. On the move, I find myself calm and inspired to write and be creative.
The border-control was not what I had expected. Everything went smooth. I don’t know why I thought it wouldn’t, honestly. And as I walked down the poorly signed corridors wondering where on earth I was going to end, a few things hit me:

  1. Americans apparently loves signs. However, it seems to me that they don’t know how to make them efficient. Read: I found it very difficult to find out where on earth transferring was going to happen in Chicago Airport and feared I was going to end up on the streets instead. Which would have been an adventure also, just not the one I had in mind for this particular trip.
  2. In front of every McDonalds there was a line. And there was several. Fast food seemed to be the only thing people ate.
  3. Why oh why do you have so much water in your cisterns? I mean one really, really cannot hide what ever one is doing behind the closed doors of the toilet. All the unnecessary sounds one make… And all the water used. Environmentally, that cannot be good either.

With that being said. Atlanta was amazing. The Americans I met was amazing. So open. So charitable. So inspiring. All in all, this city visit was a bid different from all the other towns and countries I’ve been to. Visiting friends just changes a visit from being tourist to becoming more under the radar and more local – despite it being quite clear that it is a tourist walking around when the only sigh of amazement she uses is shit. It is a really good way of experiencing a city, as one benefits from other peoples’ experiences from meeting the community and have a clear vision of what to see.

After what I’ve learned this is apparently, must see’s

Firstly, Martin Luther King Jr. Museum (An amazing opportunity to learn about a very big part of the American history of the fight for civil rights! I found this museum very inspiring. There is a lot of information and it can seem overwhelming. But the different videos and movies shown frequently sums up the different texts. His story is so inspiring. And the museum is all free.).

The Jimmy Carter Museum (A great comparison to the Martin Luther King Jr. Museum – A LOT of information, but interesting all together.)

The Center for Civil and Human Rights. (A museum that sums up the history of human rights. Probably the coolest museum I’ve ever been to. GO THERE! If, of course, you like me find human rights and the history surrounding it interesting).

The Centennial Olympic Park (Make a picnic – try to find your country on the overview of that years olympic winners, carved in stone. Let your kids run through the fountain of the olympic rings. All in all, a very hyggelig park with many opportunities).

The Coca Cola museum (I did not go myself, my friends did not find that was necessary and I kind of thought the above mentioned things a bit more interesting. But, if I was travelling with kids I would). Georgia Aquarium (Again, the same goes for this activity. But I did include it, if any families are reading along).

Art along the Beltline. Take a closer look and see if you can find the computerpart in this particular piece.

All things considered, I would suggest taking a stroll in the streets of Atlanta. Take an uber downtown and walk between the huge skylines, or take an uber to Little Five Points and go shop in the antic stores – a part of the city that changes according to what time of day you walk around. Go eat at Krog Street Market or take a stroll down Eastside BeltLine trail and see the art that is placed along this walk and end up in the Ponce City Market for dinner or lunch. The possibilities is endless and there seems to be a lot more possibilities. If you are going check out this webside for more information.

For the gluten and dairy-free trip to Atlanta, I wouldn’t be alarmed and worried. Atlanta is by far probably the easiest city to travel to, when having allergies. It is a really good idea to google restaurant possibilities, because there is a lot of amazing eating possibilities – not fastfood, by the way. Maybe, just go to a supermarket and shop. There is a lot of different opportunities there (and it is a sightseeing in itself). Or, just ask. Everyone’s amazingly helpful and are willing to help making sure you can eat what they serve in the restaurants.

And if all things fails, just buy Ben & Jerry’s Dairy Free ice-cream. There is unfortunately only two out of the 4-5 dairy-free flavours that is also glutenfree – but the coffee caramel thingy is AMAZING!!!

Now, this is a travel I wouldn’t mind taking again another time!


Phones are really not my thing. I am very, very clumsy – which resulted in the fact that I almost thought I needed to buy a complete new one yesterday. Luckily it began charging this morning (24/2-2017). Phew… #MyPhoneIsMyLifeline, #ToAddictedIThink, #SmallThingsInLife, #PSSSSSTTheNewNokiaIsSoonAvailable!!!!

Coming back from Atlanta resulted in coming back to that dark, depressive thought of the fact that I am still unemployed. #PleaseSomeoneGiveMeAJob!!! #ButWoawAtlantaWasGREAT.

Baked “Fastelavns boller” (bread rolls with creme inside) the other day for a future trip me, my mom and my siblings are making. I made 9. I ate 5, a friend of mine ate 1, and there is now 3 left for the trip… #NoSelfControl, #CakeCakeCake, #WhatToDo!


Psst. Dear Ben & Jerry’s! I promise to buy at least one of your icecream a month for a year if you soon oh very soon makes it possible to buy the ice cream pictured above in Denmark! <3 PS and I would be thankful if you could make more diary free ice creams that was also glutenfree?! #PleasePrettyPlease, #PleaseMakeMeHappy, #DreamingOfAtlantaAndIcecream!


Lately, I’ve been quite hooked on pie for dinner. It is so easy to make and you can easily fit this version to whatever is in your fridge. And, despite it being a “this was what’s left in the fridge” kind of tart, it is still delicious. Which is why I LOVE it. So, in this blog I will add another recipe to my dinner-“library” of glutenfree and dairy free (Dairy – not diary – spelled it right, yay!) recipes.

90 gr Becel (a butter that is not mate of Dairy).
100 gr Almond flour (I blend 100gr of almonds until floury).
100 gr glutenfree oatflour or buckwheat flour (or another kind of glutenfree flour).
50 gr cornflour.
6 tbsp water.

Possibly some kind of meat.
3 eggs.
75 gr cashew nuts (after being in water for at least 4 hours).
2 tbsp nutritional yeast.
lemon juice
2 tbsp water.

IMPORTANT: First, make sure you have had cashew nuts in water for at least four hours. The cream will not be as good otherwise.

Mix the ingredients for the bottom pie crust. When that is finished, I usually just spread the pastry in a tart mould and put it in the oven for about 10-15 minutes on 175 degrees in a hot fan oven. I usually take a fork and put “stab” the pastry before putting it in the oven.

In the mean time cut the vegetables and heat them on a pan. Add the meat, if you have planned to add that as well. Blend the cashew nuts, nutritional yeast, lemon juice (add on taste basis) and water and add the cream to the vegetables on the pan.

When the tart is finished with its first session in the oven, add the vegetables, lightly whip the eggs and spread these out on top of the vegetables.

Put it in the oven again until finished. You will know its finished when the eggs in the topping are firm and not fluent.

And bon appetit.

Tip: You can cut it out in peaces when you are finished eating and freeze them. In this way you have a light and delicious dinner or lunch for the coming days.