Have you ever dreamt that you were someone else, somewhere else? I know, I have. I’ve also heard about the man who imagined that he was king so many times that he believed it in the end and went insane. Why am I saying this? Well, this new series Westworld have taken this tendency we have to let our imaginations wonder about imagining our lifestory was different, pepped it up a bit and made a series out of it. What in our minds can be seemed as innocent, the series Westworld are making it dangerous.

Westworld is about a futuristic adventure park in which rich people can indulge themselves in outliving their inner fantasies. But, somethings going on with the programmed people in this world and somethings going on with the boss and inventor of the world. And it seems as if Westworld holds secrets no one knows about just yet. The series are build upon previous attempts of a movie and series, which is reinvented in this new version, toying with the idea of how human beings would act if they had the chance to let go of what social norms and society forced them to be – how they forced them to act. If morals and laws are left in the real world, and you enter this world lawless and without moral codes keeping everything in check. What would happen? How would you act? What is your true identity.

Additionally, the series have an amazing plot, with an amazing cast of people. The “bad-guy” who we still don’t know who is, played by Ed Harris. The unscrupulous, immoral, powerfull inventor of the world, played by Anthony Hopkins (who btw still gives me nightmares as Hannibal Lector) and many other amazing characters and actors actresses.

Personally, I have been quite bored by the series at the moment. With Pretty Little Liars ending, as with Bones. With Criminal Minds changing. It seems as if a good series was needed that made you just want to push play when one episode ended. This show had it for me. I am still incredibly curious about what happens next and it is a miracle I did not see the entire first season last night on HBO. I love the complexity of the show. I love how it just makes me want to see more, experience more. I love the cast. But then again I am a sucker for a good fantasy-story!

This series have left me like: GIVE ME MORE! And hopefully it will leave you like that as well. You can see the show on HBO where the entire first season are available.

PS I cannot be a blogger, with a Danish nationality without raising the Danish flag and mention Sidse Babett Knudsen, who are playing Theresa Cullen in Westworld but are also in Inferno at the moment.


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