21st of September: This month, on the road towards ‘ungreediness’, if thats even a word, I was reminded of one thing: contentment. I have in so many situations said: “When I get my first pay check!” After so many times of saying just that, a friend reminded me, to be carefull not saying that about everything. Sometimes you need new socks, new trousers or what else.

In church they have had focus on how to get a healthy economy, and it made me think. To me this journey of paying tithe is just as much about getting a healthy relationship with my economy, recognising that I believe God made me a steward of this life and this economy, as it is about getting rid of the greed that slumbers inside of me. All in all, it is about learning to be content with what I have. Not seeing the things I cannot have, but focusing on all the things I can. I want a generous mindset, and to have that I must get rid of the part of my mind that wants more.


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