So, I know this blog is going to channel my inner child – and that you might not find this very interesting. But, may I just say.. I LOVE this cartoon/animation-thingy. It is witty, it is funny, it is interesting. Actually, I cannot wait to see how on earth Netflix is going to follow up this first part of the TV-series. Because – apparently, it is a Netflix-original. Which, if I may say so, is a genius thing Netflix are doing there in general. It might be a HBO-rip off, but come on. They have made some pretty interesting risks. With 3% for instance.

“Trollhunters” follows the new, and first human, troll-master Jim in his challenge to overcome the new challenges – amongst other things fight insanely hugh trolls and monsters for a young fellah his age. The plot is very simple: boy falls in love and attempts to joggle between the normal teen life and the very grown up responsibility he suddenly has as a troll-master, who is supposed to protect the world.

At first, I found it strangely satisfactory. But, as the storyline moved forward and became more complex, I found it rather genius. I became addicted and just had to find out what on earth was going to happen. The series is constructed geniusly, with plots that will make you watch more. My favourite characters will be Tobbes and AAAAaaaaarghhhh (yes, that’s his name) – especially when they play the sushi-game! Oh, oh OH – and “not-enrique” the troll baby who can look like a human but in fact really is a troll!!! Oh, seriously. you just gotta watch it to understand the characters! (Oh the gifs one could make from this animation).

So, this will be my advice to you. Make some popcorns, find a blanket and start a series marathon – optionally you can bring your kids as well. But, ONLY an option.

You will not regret it. It is addictive, funny and amazingly sweet.


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