It is definitely a long, long time ago I became tomato red in the head of embarrassment. I find myself kind of hard core on some things and on others weak as a earthworm. Anyways – smashing 5 champagne glass ought to do it – at a goods friends final exam! #IWouldHaveDougAHoleAndStayedThereTheRestOfMyLife, #Embarrasment #LuckyIWillNeverMeetAnyoneThereEverAgain.

By the way, I made myself the “Smashing Glass Queen” when I at the Copenhagen Street Food managed to smash my own glass on their concrete floor. #Dough, #OneMoreTimeForThePeople, #AtLeastIAmTheQueenOfSomething.

In my family it has become a known fact that I have a tendency to “leave” my things all around town. While visiting family in this week I managed to drop my phone, without noticing in the local grocery store. Surprisingly the episode was not that nerve racking for me, because it actually happens every now and again. My mom ended up asking intensely, every time we left some place whether I had everything and if I was sure. #TheQueenOfForgetting, #NotThatUncommon, #IAmJustNotThatAttachedToThings.


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