Now, before you start yelling at me that this is a Hunger Games replica, and you have already seen quite a few of these type of films / series. I find it necessary to begin this review by underlining the necessity to give this series a chance. In a world where series that goes worldvide are almost always in english, this tv-series is almost a “breath of fresh air”. It is in line with hunger Games, The Divergent Series and Maze Runner, questioning the elite society in a provocative manner.

The series follows a group of 20 year olds, especially a girl among them and how their demeanour changes and crackles throughout a series of challenges meant to value their individual worth. The series takes place in a futuristic setting where the world is separate between the few elite and the rest of the world population. The elite lives in a place that almost seems like an utopia out on the ocean, whereas the rest of the world population lives in the world as we know it. Every year, everyone who have turned 20 years will get one chance to prove themselves worthy to become a part of the utopian society out somewhere on the ocean. Whereas, only 3 % makes the cut every year. It is in this setting that we follow a 20 year old woman and her personal transformation in her fight to become a part of the elite – or is it really what she wants?

The series is mainly in Brazilian, but you quickly get used to it and it quickly turns on you. The low-budget settings is in my view almost not seen. But I love how the series is shot. Almost as if the camera follows the person and not in a Hollywood manner. I love the idea of the setting and how the series turns on you almost all the times. You can almost never trust your own instinct. What is the initiate point of origin, is not where you’ll end and the characters you side with in the beginning makes you question your own judgement in the end. As well as the one’s one would consider “evil”. The series made me question the terms of good and bad, and our entire moral codex. I mean everyone have the basis in something real. The idea that this is what’s best for the world. But what do you do, if what you see as the only truth starts crackling and suddenly it shows it’s ugly face? Well, I might get a little philosophical on you now, but that is what it does. Makes you think again. Question the reality as you see it.

The series is in one season and is viewable on Netflix. Go se it. It is true when they say that it is an underestimated masterpiece.


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