It can get quite expensive if one with a need for a glutenfree and milkfree lifestyle takes the easy way out and buys the glutenfree products. While it is a bit more expensive, you can plan your way out of it ruining you totally. I have gathered some of my tips and tricks to making sure I don’t spend too much money on my food being different. It might seem like obvious advise, but sometimes we all need them again.

1. Always have baked bread and cake in your freezer. It makes it easier to grab something on your way to a household where they haven’t thought of you. Or just for a rainy day.
2. Make a whole bunch of frikadeller (meatballs) and have them in the freezer. They are good with a salat, for lunch or for dinner and cheap to make.
3. I always have glutenfree oatmeal in my cabinet. As well as skinned tomatoes, and canned coconut milk. And on the days I can afford it, nuts.
4. Buy the cheap popcorns for the microwave for the fast snack.
5. On the days you can afford it, have the darkest chocolate you can find in your cabinet as well. When you feel like chocolate. Take one peace and divide it in as small pieces as possible and dont just chew them. In that way they will lasts longer and you might even get rid of the need for sugar.
6. Make too much dinner and eat the rest for lunch or dinner the next day.
7. Buy vegetables in the stores where they are focusing on waste of food. In Fakta, Denmark, they often reduce the price for food in general that is close to its waste day. That goes for meat as well.
8. Get one of those cards where you collect points. I have a Coop-card, I use in Irma and Fakta. On the days I don’t have enough money for the rest of the month, I use my points I have collected.

Do you have any tricks? Don’t hesitate to share! 🙂


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