Today, I did something I usually don’t do. I wrote someone who had already told me that they did not have a possibility for me in their firm, but would save my email if any future possibility arose. I am always very concerned that everyone else finds me annoying, but when unemployment becomes a drag and all you want to do is something that does not involve watching TV2’s morning program while writing yet another application I am willing to do anything. ANYTHING!

In an article an employer gave the advice that, if you want something to do with this specific company, keep writing to them and keep telling them what you can do and how. I’ve heard about this strategy before, but I did not want to be in the way. That is always how I operate. I do not want to have “sharp elbows” as we say in Danish and muffle my way in the front of the line. I’ve always considered civility a slow, yet steady way forward. But if your dealing with a field and wants to be a part of a work-field where it takes bulldozers to even become considered, it seems that common courtesy and patience is a town in Russia for most. These days, it seems that the only way forward is keep putting oneself out there. Keep making people aware of one’s existence and then someday. Somewhere, there will be someone who can see me as a possibility in their firm. I still believe that keeping one’s civility while all the time making oneself apparent is possible to combine. I just hope my luck will appear soon, because this situation does not suite me. I just want to do something. Make a difference. Make results.


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