I’m not necessarily a dedicated feminist. I do think women should have more influence on society and I do agree to a great extent with their arguments of the feminists. However, it is difficult not to be a little feminist in a world where the new normal is not necessarily to feel like the gender one is born as. Guides on how to raise your children “gender-neutral” are emerging in the media, online, and in some countries are flourishing in different state as well as non-state institutions.

In Sweden it is well-known that the day care facilities are supposed to neither call children him or her. Instead they have implemented the gender neutral “hen” in an effort not to label one person a boy or a girl. The main argument is that society have created the different genders. That the citizens have in some way been suppressed under the label of one gender. Therefore, it is of interest of the citizens to raise children gender-neutral in order to give the future children the ability to choose what they feel they are.

I honestly can’t help but wonder what on earth is wrong with being a boy or a girl? What is wrong with me being a woman? Personally it has spurred a lot of self-examination: Why is it that I keep it a secret that I might be a little romantic? Am I embarrassed of being who I am: feminine?

For a very long time growing up I found the whole idea of being feminine difficult. In my teen-years, I longed in a self-centred moment for others to look at me and admire me. Growing up I realised that, what others thought of me would only let them abstain me from becoming who I truly was. My teen-years was confusing and turbulent, and I do have absolutely no intention or wish to relive those years. They made me who I am today. The woman I am. This is how I am born and who I am proud to be. I know that there is some in this world that are confused and have a need to “not determine”, but that shouldn’t prevent those who is in no doubt about who they are?

Furthermore, I can’t help but wonder whether the idea of a gender-neutral upbringing emerging and spreading in the Western world, is a sign of boredom? Because while we are arguing and discussing how to raise children in an effort for them to define themselves, there are people in other parts of the world that doesn’t have this luxury: The freedom to define themselves. There are people fighting to  live through another day of war or hunger.

“Perhaps the world’s second-worst crime is boredom; the first is being a bore” – quote by Cecil Beaton.


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