…AAaaand if you haven’t guessed, the adult referred to in the line above is … ME!!!! #AndI’mProudOfIt.

After waiting what have felt like decades (truthfully I have waited 6 months), I FINALLY got to borrow a sound-book from my library of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone #YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!! #HarryPotterGeekRightHere #LikeWaitingForTicketsToTheHarryPotterPlay #WhyIsEveryoneListeningToHarryPotterTheseDays?

Took care of my friends kids.  I had planned to make homemade slime as I was planning to pull a “the coolest adult of the year” card! I mean which kid does not like to mess around with “slime” without being yelled at? Well, I guess I was the only one being fascinated and finding myself rather awesome! I am soo outdated when it comes to being the cool adult. #ThoseWereTheDays #ILoveSlime #IdidNOTpullAFlubberThough #THATWouldHaveBeenCool #WeirdMovieReferences=GilmoreGirlsSeasonHaveKickedIn

Uh and apropos Gilmore Girls! WHAAAAT! As I am writing this, there is 3 days until the big reveal of the NEW SEASON!!!! I have hopefully seen whatever Netflix have put online! And as a preparation I am fast forwarding through all 7 seasons. I have seen the seasons a million times, so skipping the scenes I might find embarrassing seems like the perfect compromise in order to actually make it through them all in such short time. #4SeasonsToGo #TeamJESS(NotTheFirstVersionButTheOlderVersion) #SorryDean #NotSoSorryLogan


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