In the beginning of my glutenfree, milkfree lifestyle it was difficult for me to figure out where to eat when eating out. I hated being one of those women asking about gluten and milk – because I always considered it ridiculous. But feeling my body change, the sudden ability to exercise and run long distances made me aware of the fact that my body cannot eat gluten and diary products. One day I visited a cafe in Aarhus called Cafe Glad (Café Happy) with my cousin.

It was the only cafe I knew about in Aarhus that could be a place for me. They did not have much glutenfree on the menu, but their sandwiches – Oh MY! Love! Joy! Happiness! (Maybe you have realised by now, that you win my heart by serving me delicious food!). Again, as the previous recommendations, it is on the expensive side, but the food is delicious and therefore, worth it. The vibe in the cafe is cozy and hyggelig. Down to earth. And I love that. You can also just buy the food and take it to go.

Café Glad is a good opportunity for lunch and brunch opportunity and worth a visit.

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