The first time I went to this restaurant was in the early days of my Aarhus time. At first, I loved their burgers and fries. But when I went gluten- and milkfree, this also became my favourite pizza place in Denmark. Their glutenfree pizza’s are to die for and always with tons of fillings on top despite ordering them without cheese. When you go have pizza anywhere else, I find that glutenfree options, fillings on top are often spared and scares. But at Mackie’s you really don’t have that problem. And, I was full after one pizza and I’ve eaten here almost every time I’m in Aarhus. They also serve other Glutenfree options in the restaurant.

The atmosphere is really cool with no place on the wall left empty. Souvenirs, shirts and many many other things adorn the walls which fills the restaurant with tons of color and life. And, you can actually hear one another speak and enjoy each others company.

On the flip side, you cannot eat with cutlery for your pizza. So it is with the sausages you call fingers you eat. Actually, some people have even been kicked out of the restaurant for asking. It sounds dramatic, and I find it a bit over the top, but with that being said, the staff is really friendly and are good at making sure, you know you won’t get a knife and a fork. Which doesn’t really matter to me! When ordering burgers and such you are of course given knife and fork – it is only when eating pizza.

This restaurant is definitely a place worth visiting when you find yourself in Aarhus anyway. Especially since Aarhus is the new city of culture in 2017

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