The first time I had to eat out in Copenhagen, I went for the easiest and the most spoken about online regarding dinner-options in Copenhagen. Hard Rock Café was one of them. At first I was a bit sceptic, but felt in really good hands with the crew and the waiters / waitresses. They all kept taps about my specific needs, the minute I required a glutenfree and milkfree option. A guy came down with a major book containing every meal in the restaurant and its ingredients. Thus, I was given the best option possible that fitted my specific needs.

I had their burger and despite it being a little dry due to the lack of cheese it was good and delicious. The glutenfree bread in their burgers are delicious and really good. So, it is definitely worth a try. The atmosphere is cozy and cool, however, sometimes it can be a bit loud when a lot people are going out for dinner. The waiters and waitresses are all very nice, greats you with a smile and makes sure you feel like being in good hands. They never take anything for granted and makes sure to follow up on things, if there is any part of the menu they are not sure about in accordance to allergenes.

For that alone, Hard Rock Café is worth a try.

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