After a long, looooooong time watching this, thinking I knew what was going to happen. The series left me surprised, angry and kind of like when a cartoon character has his or her mouth banging to the floor in surprise. Despite this, I only advise the ones that do get a tad curious about mysteries, weird “religious” thinking and Sci-fi-ish. Cause, honestly this is not a series everyone should necessarily watch like the Netflix franchise: 3%. It really isn’t. There has been a massive criticism on the show, and I think sometimes these critics haven’t watch the show until its end. Because, honestly. You do not know what is up and down until the end.

The show is about a woman that goes comes back to her parents after 7 years of being missing. She was blind when she left them – but has regained her sight when she has returned. She does not confide in anyone but 5 very, very different people who slowly becomes a big part of each others lives. She basically builds a confidence between them and they become almost religiously confident in her. With her charismatic way of being she drags them into a tale, that makes them all wonder whether there really is something between heaven and earth.

The story is actually quite catchy and I did get curious and had to see it till the end. But it did help that there was only 8 episodes. Because the episode are too long and sometimes I admit to have fast-forwarded through bits and pieces, because the story was too slow. I loved how it made me question everything during the entire season and I hated how it ended (but creatively, genius end!). I loved how it dragged me into a different world. And I admit to have being bewitched by the storyline. But, the slow movement of the story is not for everyone and the story is sometimes a tad too weird. Despite being one of those series where you, once having started it cannot finish until the end, don’t watch if you know that you will be annoyed by slow movements and weird storylines. The weirdness is not for everyone. That’s for sure.


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