April 1st, 2017: I suck. It’s that simple. I know things are tight and I still go to McD and buy fries on a hunch. Come on. I’m a grown woman! A grown-up, independent woman! With that being said, there was a little nag as I mobilepayed my tithe to the church. Imagine, I could’ve saved it. Not spend it. But let’s face it. I would have spend them anyways, and that is where I will put my effort in the next while. Learning myself to spend less and give more.

April 15th, 2017: My sister gave me a valuable lesson today. Without her knowledge of course. We sat there, in her couch, watching a really good series on Viaplay (Shannara), while she’s painting my nails with her very expensive nail polish. And that’s where it hit me. I realized that greed does not only stick out its ugly face regarding money and giving them away. It can have an influence in other aspects as well. For instance, my sister spends a lot of money on buying the right nailpolish, the right kind of make up and so forth. But if you ask whether you can borrow some, she will say yes in an instant, no hesitation. I would’ve wondered how much money I spent on this piece of thing before even considering giving some away. Depending on the person asking. To me, my sister is awesome and generous, Someone you can rely on. If I ask she would gladly drive me around, without asking money for gas and such. She pulls out her most expensive make up, to paint my face. That’s just how she is, and I need to learn from her. No questions asked, just say yes!


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