…In Denmark “Lagkagehuset” is famous for its cakes (well at least to me).. All the amazing cakes I once ate and cannot eat anymore. This particular line of stores are opening in London – with a new “Personal”-name. Which is good for them because “Layer Cake House” (direct translation) does not sound that hip in my ears. So, I Guess “Ole & Steen Layer Cake House” is sooooo much better (hint: irony may have occurred here).

…I loooove modern art. I mean, really love it. I am that type of person who can stand in front of a canvas and wonder what there is on the other side, if the artist just painted in the corner. A friend of mine always recall a time we went to Tade Modern together, in which I stood in wonder in front of a painting for more than 15 minutes in amazement. My friend always ends the tale by reminding me that the canvas only had a dot in the middle of a big white background. But, there is a limit and when this Danish town, Ballerup, hoisted a 5 metre high knuckle-buster with hearts in side of the  holes, I have to admit I laughed. What on earth did the artist think? It just seems so ridicules that I have to experience it live. I just have to!  If you have become curious, please see the pictures taken of the glorious knuckle-love-burster here.


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