In the summer of 2014 I spent 3 weeks in beautiful Jordan on a language adventure. I was in Jordan to advance my level of arabic – and what an experience.

I must admit at first being a little skeptical, however, the warmth of the people in Jordan grew on me. I fell in love with the beautiful landscapes and the amazing tradition and culture in Jordan. It is definitely not the last time I’ll spend some time in this beautiful country.

Walking in the massive and at times mysterious dessert, wandering what this hugh sandpit contains of secrets and mysterious guests.  Or the surprise it was to visit beautiful Dana, which was easier to get to than going from.

Dana is a little spot in Jordan with beautiful parks and primitive accommodations.

Despite it being primitive in most ways, it was a peaceful experience to sit on top of a roof eating breakfast and enjoying the view of the mountains crawling in on you.

Despite the difficulties getting away from this amazing place, it was worth a trip and I really advice everyone doing an effort to get to this little spot of heaven. Honestly, DO IT. I could have stayed there forever, just letting nature amaze me. Sometimes I am in awe of the amazing masterpiece God has created. God never ceases to amaze me.

When you spend time in another country so different from your own background your perspective broadens. My believes and my opinions is still the same after this trip, however, my perspective has  changed drastically during my stay here. God reminded me of that he loves all human beings, also the ones on the other side of the boarder of Israel. I met an amazing woman, my teacher, who kept telling us students at the language-school I attended, that “we’re all just humans”. Despite all the traumer she must have been through, she still held her head up high and came into the other side with a charitable worldview.

There is a lot of different, jet amazing people in the world, that just keeps amazing me. The jordanians are not the only ones.

Jordan – worth a trip. Just do it!


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