I am still going through the first season – but I kinda already have a pretty clear image of what I think of this series.

The plot is actually quite fascinating. A woman travels through time from 1945 to 1743. The series then follows this alien woman in an, to her, alien time, as she is struggling to find her way back to her own timeline. Quite intriguing plot – at first. Because after 10 episodes, I must admit that I kind of had to mute it quite a few times and quickly go to the kitchen for any excuse at all. 

As I have never actually read the books, upon which the series are based, I do not know whether or not my following statements have some explanation other than the series trying to picture a rough time. However, when I see episodes from a series where sex and nakedness are essentials in almost every episode I can’t help but wonder if there were a bunch of men sitting around a table drooling on the very thought on making a historical, pornographic series – and this is what they was allowed to publish in the end. Truth is that I have come to wonder if the very people transfiguring the books to a series actually believed so little in the project so to find it necessary to show naked women almost all the time. The thought was especially sparked after an entire episode of the two main characters having sex. I get the beauty until a certain point – because truth is that I do not want to spend 55 minutes watching two people trying to have sex. There is corners of the internet one could search out for that very purpose.

It is a shame. Because the plot is amazing! It is thrilling! It is interesting! That alone I would personally have provided 6 out of 6 stars (or in this case: tits, as you may). But because of the makers need to pull a historical version of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in a series, I end up giving the series 2 out of 6 stars. I find the nakedness demeaning on the female characters and unnecessary. And that alone makes me take away 4 stars.


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