5th of June: Many things have been through my mind this month already. Not that I have everything in control. I really don’t. But I just realised how lucky I am, despite finding it difficult making the ends meet. Despite the fact that my economic situation does not line up with my material desires (superficial I am, sorry). But I guess that is where I’m learning most. I don’t need an entirely new wardrobe – there are people in the world who cannot even afford shoes.

As I was walking on my way home, I realised that paying 10 percent of my income made me a better steward of what little I have left. I say better – because I am still improving. I have a long way ahead and many difficulties facing my finances. But for the first time in a long times, I feel my shoulders is down, in relaxed mode. I do not have endless amounts of funds, but I have enough to make things go around at the end of the month. I have enough to help my sister – not solving her problems, but help her with gaining the possibility of finding a way out of her momentary fights. Despite this effort has cost me more than I would like to admit, I do not blame her. I fastly shot that greed-feeling aside and argued to my self, that this was somewhere I could help her, help herself. I don’t think solving someone else’s problems is the way.

Sometimes the best help one can give another is not a ride over the mountain, but help finding the right method to conquer it oneself!

Shortly said, I was in awe of the fact that I was able to be of help to another, while giving 10 percent of my money away and still be able to make rent, pay the bills and buy delicious food! I have nothing to complain about! And while pondering this for myself looking out of the window into the grey, dull Dane weather, I suddenly felt the need to burst out “Praise the lord” in the middle of the very crowded bus.


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