A friend and I was catching up on a café in an amazing and beautiful part of Copenhagen. My friend leaned over and shared with me pieces she had heard of a weird conversation the two people next to us had. Something about the man’s wife not “taking one for the team”. We first realised that we were in the middle of a Hollywood Movie, when the woman leaned in and almost dug a hole in his mouth with her tongue… #DramaDrama, #CheatingIsStupid, #NeverEverThoughtIWouldExperienceThat, #OhIHopeTheWifeWillKnowAboutTheMistress, #HopefullyTheWifeWinsThis”Movie”.

Later that same day, my friend and I took a walk near the Canals in Copenhagen. I heard that on Saint Lucy’s day a bunch of people would do a procession in their kayaks. A need to see moment. #TogetherWithEveryoneElseInCopenhagen, #ButKindOfCool, #TheyWereSupposedToSing?

It’s the 23. of December. My brother and I sleep in each our end of the livingroom on thin mattresses. My brother have literally snored the entire night. And 7 am, sharp the house starts shaking and a loud noice starts coming out of the walls. And while I lie wonder if I have done something wrong since karma wanted me to suffer all night, my brother snores in competition with the neighbour’s power drill. #NotFairNotAtAllFair, #ButItsChristmasSoWhatever, #MerryChristmas.


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