Oh, how I love those types of dinners where the ingredients are thrown in a pot and just left alone while stewing and getting creamy. As any of my recipes this is also one of those things I often make a lot of, in order to freeze them down for a rainy day. Also, it is a recipe I kind of use for those times where my fridge needs to be cleared out of vegetables.

500 gr. Chicken breasts.
1 pk of chopped Bacon.
1 can of cocomilk.
vegetables as you will like. I use:
red peber.
Spices: Basil and other like that.

First, cut the chicken into smaller pieces. Let the bacon simmer in the pot until they are almost crisp. Place the chicken in the pot on medium-high heat and let the chicken become white on all sites. Then you put vegetables, spices of your own choice (under all circumstances use salt and peber), and 1 can of coconut-milk into the pot. Let it simmer on low heat in about a half an hour, until the chicken becomes well-done. The dish is amazingly creamy even though cream has not been used.

The dish is served best with rice and are ideal for the freezer. Enjoy.


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