… you are dealing with a child in a grown-up-body costume (read me!) when…

… such person might seem smart and throw around big words using them correctly and all, but a few minutes after will be on Facebook writing a dear friend: “Huuuuh, used the word discrepancy twice today – aaaand correctly” and then be giggling for a while like a 1st grader hearing someone say the word sex for the first time!

…when you realise that playing Township is a big deal. I mean if anyone could go pro… And the fact that this person gladly would spend every break of the day making sure that his or her team wins the regatta!

…you notice the fact that this person owns all the original episodes of the Winnie the Pooh series and that he or she has hidden every episode that has not been released on DVD on his or her YouTube account – just in case he or she is in that mood. If you ever where to ask, he or she will make a great effort in arguing that it has to do with childhood memories when in fact the truth is, this person still loves seeing them and will still laugh out loud because he or she finds Winnie the Pooh and all the characters in it hilarious!


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